Kangatarians? Oh HELL no.  »

If you don’t already know, I’m an amateur cultural linguist. I’m actually an amateur at most everything I do, but especially linguistics. To keep up to date, you know, linguistically, I follow columns like Schott’s Vocab. Yesterday my vegan interests and language interests came together when Schott posted an entry about “Kangatarians,” which according to the Sydney Morning Herald is the latest eating fad. It’s described as a “new semi-vegetarian wave emerging in Australia,” where “eco-conscious” people exclude all meat except kangaroo.

First of all, semi-vegetarian? Is that like being kind of a crackhead? Second of all, maybe eating kangaroo is more humane or ecologically conscious than eating a different animal, but they are talking about VEGETARIANS deciding to eat kangaroo because it’s more humane or ecologically conscious than eating other animals. WTF? Is it more humane than not eating animals at all? Riddle me that, logic!

Unfortunately, there are already signs of kangatarians emerging in the Bay Area. It’s basically pandemic. Protect the children!

[original art by Megan Rascal!]

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