Want vegetarian school lunches? Go to Taiwan!  »

Check it out! These kids are eating lunches provided by Chungshan Elementary School in Taipei County, Taiwan. The school made and served those big, vegetable-icious lunches! Can you even take it?

The China Post reports on the results of the Taiwan Ministry of Education’s recent survey: almost 86 percent of public schools are offering vegetarian lunches at least once a month, with some schools serving vegetarian lunches as frequently as twice a week. Lucky kids!

Why did Taipei start this vegetarian lunch program—officially, and “initiative…to promote the consumption of five different vegetables and fruit in the daily diet of their student body”? Oh, to help combat global warming, and because eating too much meat is unhealthy, and because vegetables are more nutritious than animal products! Does anyone else get the impression that the meat and dairy industry doesn’t own the Taiwanese government like they own the U.S. government?

The kids are eating things like dried bean curd, seaweed, and black sesame seeds, which makes your Vegansaurus wish really hard to be a schoolchild in Taipei. Field trip, anyone?

[photo via CNA]

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