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Hello all! It’s finally here! The perm-corsage! I mentioned I was getting this yesterday on FB and everybody was like, pics pics pics! So here she is! I’m so excited. 

So yes, Gristle Tattoo is in Williamsburg, BK. It’s a nice little space and alllll vegan. They even do adoption events and bakesales and all of that! When I was originally looking at local vegan process tattoo artists, I came upon Brittany Bauza’s work on Gristle’s site. I was in love! She has a great classic tattoo style. I knew it, she was the one for me.

I set up an appointment and went in yesterday. Brittany and Felix, their piercing person who was there too, were immediately friendly and made me feel very comfortable (it’s my first tattoo!). I took a lovely pic of Brittany standing behind the counter to show you guys how not intimidating it is but I accidentally deleted it because I’m the super genius. 

Brittany showed me a few designs and they were totes perfect and we landed on the design you see above. Because I tell everyone I’m impervious to pain, I thought it wouldn’t hurt at all. It did hurt. I am not impervious to pain. It was totally a tolerable pain though so NBD. But the whole time Brittany was so nice and answered my 100 million questions. I asked her about the various rumors I hear about vegan tattoos, like they don’t last as long or the colors aren’t as bright. She said that’s all crap and the ink brand she uses is actually used by a lot of tattoo artists who don’t even know it’s vegan. And look at that color! Bright. 

Now it’s the morning after and I still love my tattoo! And everyone at work is saying “it’s really nice” and they are all like, “maybe I should go to your person!” And I’m like, “do it!” 

Suffice it to say, I’m very pleased. Brittany is amazing and Gristle is very nice. So if you are in need of a vegan tattoo in NYC, I highly recommend them!

UPDATE: So as not to mislead anyone, Brittany herself is not vegan but she is a vegan process tattoo artist as is everyone at Gristle. And Gristle is a vegan-owned business.


Tattoo review: James Spooner’s vegan tattoos don’t hurt (animals)  »

imageI was always intrigued by tattoos in my early years, but never thought enough about them to ever want one. Thoughts like Why does that guy love barbed wire enough to have it tattooed on his arm? or I wonder what “tribe” that tribal tattoo represents? would cloud my mind and sully the idea of ever getting something meaningful tattooed on the temple I call my own body. Fast forward to my (really) late twenties, here I am thinking of different designs paying homage to my parental units to be permanently drawn on my skin. I knew I wanted something and began my research about two months ago.

In L.A., there’s really just one choice when it comes to 100 percent vegan tattoo joints. I came across a couple of artists that could use vegan inks, but James Spooner of Monocle Tattoo was the only one who would be using vegan-friendly soaps and aftercare, and, as far as I could tell, the only vegan himself. I remember either an old Quarry Girl post or tweet or something regarding Spooner a couple of years back, so when my own research came back to him, I shot him an email (or nine) with some basic questions. He was extremely helpful and informative, and once I met him in person and he was as excited, if not more, than I was regarding my idea. I knew it was a match. Plus the “Vegan Tattoos Don’t Hurt (Animals)” framed artwork in his shop warmed my heart more than standard adjectives can delineate.

I was ridiculously impressed on Spooner’s ability to put his art on paper based off of my descriptions. He sent me a drawing and the next day it was on my arm, permanently. I’ve never been as excited as I was, still am, about this tattoo. I have many more sessions left to fill in and have it colored, which I feel like a kid on Christmas morning in anticipation. This was my first tattoo but Spooner made it feel like I’ve been there before, and even after 3+ hours on the “table” (it was actually a chair) I was never uncomfortable (other than the needles-into-the-arm part.)

Southern Californian vegans would be making a mistake if they went elsewhere. And if you get a non-vegan tattoo because you like the artist’s work, it’s the same as eating a non-vegan pizza because you like the taste. Ya dig? If you want more information on vegan tattoos or if you’re serious about getting something done, for the first time or 100th time, hit him up. Tell him Vegansaurus sent you. 

Andrew E. Irons is a blogger from Long Beach, California.  He co-created and contributes to a Rhode Island based Hip-Hop website, The Echo Chamber Blog, under the pseudonym Verbal Spacey. You can track his daily diatribes by following him on Twitter.


Valentine’s Weekend Adoptathon at the SF SPCA!   »

Looking for a child or romantic partner, but too busy/tired/misanthropic/low-wage-earning? Room for love in your heart, but no space for another human in your life? You need a pet, my friends! And just in time for Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s Day, and Palentine’s Day*), the SF SPCA is hosting an Adoptathon! Get the pet you need at the price you can afford! Attend an animal-behavior workshop! Get a tattoo of your pet! Meet an Animal Planet celebrity!

Beginning Friday, Feb. 10, from 4 to 8 p.m., attend a cocktail party at the SF SPCA Adoption Center hosted by Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell. Ken Een of Frisco Tattoo will doing animal-themed tattoos! The next day, Saturday, Feb. 11, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., you can attend Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Mojo Workshop, and get his help finding the adoptable animal for you.

Throughout the weekend, the SF SPCA will offer reduced adoption fees on all cats and dogs over six months of age: $10 on Friday, $11 on Saturday, and $12 on Sunday. Yay, pets! Go find emotional fulfillment in a mammal that won’t ever lose interest in you, or find you anything but perfect.

For details on all the Valentine’s Weekend Adoptathon events, visit the SF SPCA website, or call (415) 912.1742.

*Feb. 13 and 15, respectively.

[photo of actual SF SPCA kitties by Nyxy via Flickr]


Oatmeal, obese monkeys, and breast-milk ice cream in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

First, and most important! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday TO ME! You can thank my parents for their gift to the world.

[Latest documentary/cartoon from Cats Vs Human. What if I just call cartoons “documentaries” from now on? And phone calls will be “radio interviews”!]

They are selling breast-milk ice cream in London. BREAST-MILK ICE CREAM. While I’d rather die than eat breast-milk ice cream (right now I’d rather die than move, though), I’m in full support of this because it’s hilarious and brightens my world. Well Ok, I think maybe I’d try breast-milk ice cream for like $20,000. But is it going to pull in weird fetishists? Survey says: Probs.

Hey! Did you know that the SF SPCA appointed new presidents last month? Yes, more than one president! Two presidents—they’re calling it Four-Legged Leadership! One a super-savvy business man and the other a genius veterinarian. 

Jerk scientists are getting poor monkeys fat and not letting them exercise, because we definitely can’t find any people like that to test on. The New York Times will tell you all about it!

PCRM is suing the federal government because the new nutrition guidelines are crap! They don’t like the “doublespeak” and “mumbo jumbo” the USDA uses when it should be calling out meat and dairy. I have a bone to pick with them too! Three servings of dairy, really? REALLY? CRAP!

UNC and Duke have picked Eating Animals as their summer reading requirement! I was supposed to read the biography of George Washington. Definitely did that. 

From Mark Bittman, we have the most in-depth discussion of oatmeal I’ve ever seen! Specifically, oatmeal from McDonald’s: “Incredibly, the McDonald’s product contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. (Even without the brown sugar it has more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger.)” Yowza!

Do you have a vegan tattoo? A tattoo with vegan subject matter? Super! Submit it to new website and let’s get this party started!

Over at, you can read an interview with Cinnaholic’s Shannon Michelle! Read all about how Cinnaholic came together and get advice for your own vegan baking biz! Can we all agree that Shannon Michelle is dead-sexy?!

The veggie internet has been a buzz about this story from Yahoo sports Vegetarianism is all the rage in MMA! That’s ultimate fighting. It’s a sport. I guess.

There was a big earthquake in New Zealand! The Search Dog Foundation is on the case! New Zealand has its own dogs but the SDF’s training leader is going over to help with the search and rescue. We wish them the best of luck! Be safe and save people!

Lastly, don’t forget about the East Bay Vegan Bakesale tomorrow! Get treats, get pudgy!



Send us your tattoo pics, and let’s do one better than OC Weekly’s Unique Food Tattoos  »

OK, I get it, it’s a carrot fucking a vegan skull, and that’s clever. And while we were glad to see OC Weekly include a few vegan-related (or at least vegetable-themed) tattoos in the crowd of hamburgers, hotdogs and fried eggs in their One Dozen Unique Food Tattoos, I couldn’t help thinking, is that really the best and most unique the OC has to offer? It’s not my fault for living in San Francisco and being jaded about everything ever, is it?

Because I know half of you are tatted up with full sleeves and back-pieces, and because we love you, how about a bit of friendly competition? Send us your best food- or vegan-related tattoos, along with anything you have to say about it, and who the artist was. And if you don’t remember the artist, then I’ll make something up or say it was Kat Von D so watch out.

Then we’ll post the best of the bunch, and challenge OC Weekly to a kickball tournament or something [Ed. croquet!], because we’re bound to kick their asses. Really this is about you guys and how awesome and creative our readers are, so we win no matter what.

Send pics of your art to steve AT vegansaurus DOT com, and if there are any body parts in the photo you wouldn’t want your mom to see, crop that out before clicking send because this isn’t SuicideGirls. OK!

[link via NotCot]

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