Awesometown: Snooze button donates to charity!  »

With the Snooze app, you can donate a quarter to a worthy organization every time you hit the snooze button. Um, AWESOME! Genius idea. The money goes through Let Give and you get to choose which charity to donate to from a list of non-profits. They only have a handful of orgs you can donate to but one is Nature Conservancy, which protects stuff like, you know, nature and that sort of thing. No but for real, they fight to protect coral reefs, migratory birds, rainforests and more. So I think that would be a good organization for us late-sleeping vegans to support. Another good option might be City Harvest in NYC, though they aren’t super vegan.

Alright, that’s all on the tech beat today! Just had to share because it’s totally cool.


Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian app seems all right  »

Mark Bittman, everyone’s favorite omnivore, has released an app for the iPhone and iPad that shows you How to Cook Vegetarian. It seems fairly vegan-friendly but I don’t want to pay the $4.99 to find out—$4.99 buys a lotta grapes! But as you can see from the sample screen here, there’s a “vegan” search button.

So did anyone buy this? Laura is telling me it has some kind of countdown timer for how long the recipe should take. Like you can race to beat the clock! But Laura straight makes shit up like 90 percent of the time so that could be totally false. Like when she told me I couldn’t get pregnant in a hot tub. Thanks a lot, Laura! And your child support is late again!

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