A good picture could save a dog’s life!  »

"I can’t stand the thought of, for want of a good picture, that a dog goes homeless."

—Teresa Berg

Teresa Berg is a professional photographer who’s been using her powers to help little homeless dogs get the adoption photos they deserve! As you can see in the video below, she started working with a dachshund rescue that had been slow with adoptions. Now, with some professional photography help, the rescue’s adoption rates are up 100 percent! And in my opinion, it’s not just dogs getting adopted from there and not other shelters; I’ve known people who look around for a week or two online for a rescue dog and then give up and buy a dog anyway. Maybe if they saw the perfect picture? Because we all know that there are plenty of great dogs in shelters and if they got a chance, someone could love them. They just need a good PR person like Berg!

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

I know that in SF, photographer Kira Stackhouse helps kitties and pups get adopted by working with the SPCA and Muttville. Do any of you guys use your art to help homeless pets? I did some writing for rabbit adoption earlier this year—that was fun! I hope it helped!

All the homeless animals deserve a whole makeup team and ad agency, for real! Let’s get it together! Go team!

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