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Happy day! Terry the chimpanzee who was living a lonely life in a Las Vegas “zoo” is now finally at the Florida Save the Chimps rescue! Yay! Congrats Terry! Here’s Terry’s story:

Terry once crisscrossed the globe as a performing chimp with the Ice Capades. His trainer, Lucien Meyer, bought him as a companion for one of his other chimps, Simon, and taught him to skate. When Meyer retired to Las Vegas in 1995 and could no longer keep his chimps with him, Terry went to the Las Vegas Zoo. His friend Simon went too, but died within weeks.

Sadly, a news story dating back to 2001 indicates that Terry was obviously depressed even then because he was alone. As of 2013, 12 long, lonely years later, the Las Vegas Zoo had still not found him a companion.

So sad. But never again! Apparently the staff at the LV zoo all walked out after years of being prevented from caring for the animals properly. You go, zoo people! Stick up for the animals!

Here is an update about his arrival from Save the Chimps:

Terry arrived at about 10 pm on Friday October 4th, after more than 48 hours of travel across the country since his rescue. Several staff members were on hand to greet him and assist with his transfer into the Special Needs building, where he will spend his quarantine period. It is also here where he will meet other chimpanzees, including J.R. whom we hope will become good friends with Terry.

When Terry arrived he was understandably a bit bewildered. His travel cage had to be moved via a forklift, and the lights and sounds were confusing to him. But once he entered his new housing, he appeared to be very relieved to stretch his legs at last! He explored his rooms, which were decorated with streamers, toys, and plenty of cozy blankets. We all held our breath when he saw his first chimpanzee in 18 years—his new neighbor J.R. How would he react? We have to admit, Terry’s reaction to this momentous occasion was rather, well, underwhelming. Terry spotted J.R., nodded at him, and then proceeded to check out his new rooms. After the staff departed, we left some lights on for Terry so that he would be able to find his way around easily. An hour or so after everyone left, the night supervisor checked on him, and he was fast asleep.

We are so happy for Terry and I hope the rest of his life is carefree and full of good chimp and human friends. Here’s J.R., he looks like a sweetie!:


Congrats on having a new pal, J.R.!

I’m sure Terry’s lifestyle doesn’t come cheap, so donate here if you can. 

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