Recipe: The Absolute Greatest Stuffing For Every Holiday!  »

This recipe is the family heirloom in my clan. I’m not totally sure it’s OK to give it away, but I fancy myself a rule breaker. No, that’s a lie, I hate getting in trouble. In the paraphrased words of Taylor Swift, “I am scared of the principal’s office of life.” Mom, don’t be mad that I’m giving away our family recipe! It’s too amazing to keep a secret!
That being said, is best stuffing recipe you will find, I’m sure of it. Plus, it features all my most very favorite ingredients — spinach, mushrooms, onions, and garlic!

     1 package croutons (make sure they’re vegan) 
     2 or 3 packages of frozen, chopped spinach*
     3 or 4 short cans of sliced mushrooms*
     1 tsp. Bell’s Seasoning
     Between 3 - 6 white onions (obviously your discretion. I’m an onion girl. 6 it is!)
     4 - 5 ribs celery, chopped
     1 tbsp. Italian seasoning
     3 - 4 cloves garlic (Or, if you’re me, 8)      
     Olive oil!
     Salt and pepper, to taste 

Chop your onions, your celery, your garlic. Drizzle yo’ pan with olive oil (a couple tablespoons olive oil, if you’re into measuring stuff out). Turn it on medium/medium high.  Saute onion until transparent (I caramelize, bitches!), add celery, cook for about 5 minutes. Add garlic. DON’T LET YOUR GARLIC BROWN. That’s why you add it last. Cook the flavor in, but it gets bitter when it browns. If you’ve had it on medium high, turn down to medium at this point. Add Italian herbs, salt, pepper and Bell’s, too. Let the spices cook in. 

If you are using packaged spinach, boil according to directions. Open your cans of mushrooms. 

In a PRETTY LARGE BOWL, pour in croutons, cooked onions/celery/spices/garlic, canned mushrooms and cooked spinach! Mixed together! Let sit overnight. Stuff a vegetarian something or other. If you aren’t stuffing anything, you just want delicious stuffing, bake covered at 350 til heated through and through. Take off covering (foil?) and bake for another 5 - 10 minutes until top is lightly browned.

Stuffing atop the tofurkey I made from scratch, Christmas 2009.

Stuffing baked alone for Easter 2011, with fresh ingredients including sourdough bread!

As always, if you make this, let me know of any modifications you make. I want to know everything!

*This stuffing is so good with the canned stuff. I remember telling my mom, “if it’s not broke, why fix it?” — which she agreed with, wholeheartedly. I mean, we were raised on this stuff! However, I use fresh ingredients these days. I’ve slowly ventured to using a bag of fresh spinach and about a pound of fresh mushrooms. If using fresh spinach and mushrooms, saute your chopped, fresh mushrooms until browned, then add spinach. Saute ‘til spinach is cooked down. Put aside, and continue on in the recipe! Oh, and as for croutons, I made my own for Easter** last year. I’ll do that again and get back to you about how it turns out.

**Last Easter, I took a loaf of sourdough bread, chopped it up, drizzled it with olive oil, and baked until toasty. I called that croutons. Turns out, I don’t know how to chop bread into small pieces. But! My friend Evan described my ‘stuffing’ as a savory bread pudding. I LOVE bread pudding. Score!


Thanksgiving Dinner at Source in SF (Thursday and Friday!)  »

So many vegan Thanksgiving dinners, so little room in your stomach! Right? Or, so many vegan Thanksgiving dinners, but OMG you have plans with the family! The friends! Don’t worry, Source in SF has you covered. Not only are they serving a phenomenal Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, they’re serving it Friday, as well! You are so stoked, I can tell.

The ENTIRELY VEGAN menu includes:
     Choice of butternut squash soup or green salad
     ‘Gobble’ with ‘giblets’ gravy
     Homemade cranberry sauce
     Savory mushroom stuffing
     Creamed spinach
     Candied yams (with Dandies marshmallows!)
     Choice of living pumpkin spice cheesecake or pumpkin spice snowball with orange-pumpkin-cinnamon frosting.

All of this, for a steal, at $19.95 a person. They’re accepting in house reservations, walk-ins, and phone-orders. You probably want to come eat there, because for real - sexiest staff in San Francisco.

Say hi to the baker! She’s been working really hard on making these desserts the best ever! 

Wait, are you still allowed to buy food on black Friday? It’s doesn’t count as consumerism if it’s vegan, right? I kid, I kid. But really, come for the desserts.

Call Source at 415 864 9000 for more details.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Jenny Bradley is the baker at Source (see above note about her being the baker at Source!) and she provided this inside scoop on their thanksgiving!  If you’re looking for other Thanksgiving options in the S.F. Bay Area, check out Meave’s post on that.


Harvest Home Sanctuary’s Toast to the Turkeys was AWESOME: A photo essay!  »

Last weekend’s Harvest Home Sanctuary's Toast to the Turkeys event was pretty much the greatest and if you missed it, that’s just inexcusable. Oh well, there’s hope for you, yet! You can go to another Thanksgiving with the animals event, they’re still happening all over! so GET ON IT because you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a turkey eat a cranberry. It’s a turkey! Eating a cranberry! Jesus Christ. 

A PHOTO ESSAY OF THE EVENT AND ITS GREATNESS, brought to you by me and Jonas and Ian (check out all of Ian’s great photos!):



Turkeys doing it UP!

Get down on that grape, girlfriend!!



Thanksgiving 2011: Where to pick up your dinners and desserts in the S.F. Bay Area!  »

This post has all of your Thanksgiving takeout/delivery options! Meave made a list of places you can go out to eat on the big day, so if you’re more of a “have enough strength and patience to leave your bed” person, check out her list. Bay Area Bites also has a great Bay Area vegan Thanksgiving post up, so check that out, too. Also, if you know of any places we missed, please let us know!

Now, let’s eat! Or, at least, prepare to!

Souley Vegan in Oakland is doing it to it! Must order and pay by Monday, Nov. 21.
View menu details here [.docx]; contact Souley Vegan via email, or call Alison West at (510) 393.6302.

Whole Foods has a Thanksgiving vegan meal deal option at all locations! 1) That’s the SADDEST picture, it doesn’t look like that, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. 2) For ordering, figure out your most convenient store, and make it happen, cap’n!

Andronico’s also does a vegan meal deal! It’s really super great, and they’re all going out of business, so you can either support them by ordering the meal, or give ‘em the bird by not. Your call!

Philip Gelb, an Oakland-based vegan chef, says that he’s available for deliveries in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. If you want to hear all about what he’s offering or perhaps work out a special request with him, send an email!

You can, “Pre-order your delicious vegan/non-gmo Tofu Roast for the holidays at any of our markets this weekend!” says Hodo Soy Beanery on Twitter! You can find their market locations on their website.

Now, for the more important part of the day: Desserts!

Berkeley’s Cinnaholic has holiday flavors! Pumpkin spice and eggnog frostings, and toppings like gingersnaps, candy cane pieces, and peppermint “Oreos.” 

Oakland-based vegan bakeries Fat Bottom Bakery and Idle Hands Bakery will have special holiday treats! Look for pumpkin cupcakes with vegan cream cheese frosting from the ladies of FBB, and Idle Hands is offering spice cake (gluten-free option available) or pumpkin chocolate chip cake.

Souley Vegan is also doing pies and a $14 SWEET POTATO CHEESECAKE! (See info above for menu and how to order!)

San Francisco’s Mission Pie is doing a $20 apple-cranberry crumb-top pie for pick-up! Must order by Sunday, Nov. 20. 

Want to bring some stellar raw treats to the table? Don’t DIY it—unless you’re a pro/glutton for punishment (wrong kind of glutton on Thanksgiving!)—go for the large selection of Cafe Gratitude holiday pies, OR support a smaller local venture that’s equally delicious (if not more so!) and pick up a Side Saddle Kitchen Thanksgiving pies! They’ve got maple pecan, pumpkin, and a chili chocolate torte! SO DELICIOUS.

If you’re last minute-ish, Whole Foods and Rainbow will both have pies up until the day before/of. Get your scrumptious dessert on, Last-Minute Lazy!

And if you’re super last-minute, you can look up a recipe online and make a damn pie. Use our readers Thanksgiving meals as inspiration for making your whole damn meal. Hot damn, happy holidays!

Thanksgiving 2011: Where to eat outside of your home in the S.F. Bay Area!  »

We love cooking! But maybe you don’t! Or you find a huge Thanksgiving dinner way too much work. That’s OK! Here is a list of places you can celebrate your Thanksgiving, at restaurants or homes. You can volunteer to work and eat for free, or bring a dish to a potluck, or just show up, eat yourself silly, and roll on home. So many options!

What’s the difference between this and our earlier post on vegan Thanksgiving celebrations? These are happening in the SF Bay Area! We’ll add to this list as we get more information, so please, send us tips!

We also have a list of places to buy your dinner to take home, and where to get delicious baked goods like pies! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, Nov. 16BerkeleyThanksliving at U.C. BerkeleySee our earlier post for details!10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

San RafaelMarin Vegan Drinks Does Thanksgiving!Sampling Tofurky, $1 vegan cupcakes, $5 drink special is a Spiced/Spiked Cider.6 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 19PetalumaNorth Bay vegan Thanksgiving potluck!Bring a dish to share! Mulled spiced cider provided6:30 p.m.

Every day until Thanksgiving Golden Era is offering a three-course vegan special (but they’re closed on actual Thanksgiving!)

Thursday, Nov. 24Berkeley, San Francisco, San RafaelFree Thanksgiving meal at Cafe GratitudeContact the three participating locations to volunteer (they need servers, bartenders, dishwashers, line cooks, and opening and closing crew), or call (415) 824.4652.noon to 3 p.m.

Menlo ParkRaw vegan Thanksgiving food partyHosted by Elizabeth and Charlie of Bay Area Vegetarians; RSVP required.noon

San FranciscoBAV Vegan Thanksgiving CelebrationHosted by Kim and Jamie; RSVP required.2 to 5 p.m.

San FranciscoFive-course Thanksgiving dinner at MillenniumReservations no longer taken, but first-come, first serve places available at the barContact Millennium for more information at (415) 345.3900, ext. 10.2 to 6 p.m. [time is for bar seating only]

San FranciscoPlant Cafe at Pier 3/the EmbarcaderoTwo $60 prix fixe menus, one “traditional” with turkey, and one vegan!Contact Plant Cafe for details via email, or call (415) 984.1973. Reservations required.3 to 9 p.m.

San FranciscoVegan Thanksgiving at Source, including pumpkin spice snowballs by our Jenny Bradley!Contact Source via email, or call (415) 864.9000 for details/reservations.

Saturday, Nov. 26San RafaelPost-Thanksgiving Vegan Food PartyHosted by Alicia of BAV; RSVP required.3 to 6 p.m.

Anywhere in the Bay Area, throughout the four-day weekend!Want to host a vegan Thanksgiving with BAV pals? Contact Tammy of BAV to volunteer!

[photo by Emilie Hardman via Flickr]

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