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UK pals, please tell me, WTF is this? I mean, I know what it is but are they serious?

This is a new campaign, at least to me, encouraging people to take a stand for quality pork? The Assured Food Standards gives their stamp of approval to various food providers that meet their standards. From their About Us:

Assuring food safety through every part of the supply chain is a vital priority for the food industry and for its many millions of consumers. Couple this with the demand for traceability of food; a concern for minimised pesticide residues; and in livestock production, increasing consumer awareness of animal welfare issues; the need for meaningful farm assurance is self-evident.

Now, honestly, I am not an abolitionist vegan; I think any improvement to quality of life for farm animals is good. I think the simple acknowledgment that animals deserve ANY quality of life by the government and general public is significant. It lays the foundation for the eventual realization that animals are totally sentient and deserve freedom and the best nature has to offer! OK, maybe that won’t happen, but it does set a precedence. If people agree farm animals deserve a certain quality of life, that means they believe that animals have rights. That’s a big deal. And if the rights of animals elevate to such and such today,¬†tomorrow we can push that ceiling higher.

I think it’s good to give meat-eaters the option to buy meat that’s slightly less inhumane, and this seems better than the crazy double-speak of “cage-free” and whatnot. With that said! This campaign pains me. Does it have to be so fucking cutesy? Their mascot is a smiling pig. WTF.

I’ll tell you about “sausage’s best friend”: It’s the rest of its organs intact, living in a goddamn pig. I mean, “Stand by your ham”? Fuck you.

Here’s my suggestion for their next advertising campaign: Pictures of a real factory farm, with pigs falling off a conveyer belt and being stuffed into pens and beaten. And then be like, “Stand by your ham!” And then that would be the whole ad. Genius!

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