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Wondering what to get your friend who loves Wes Andersen movies just a little too much? Look no further than this amazing rabbit calendar, featuring one bunny in twelve movie outfits, all shot against a beautiful paper background that would not be out of place in the opening sequence from that one movie where the creepy camp kids totally did it. Sunrise something. I don’t know. I got it at the red box.


This calendar, starring a rabbit named Benjamin Linus (because this motherfucka is D-I-G-N-I-F-I-E-D!) is the creation of Lauren Gates, the proprietor of The BBunny Shop on Etsy. Lauren may be the brains behind this operation but Benjamin Linus is the face. And what a face it is! Bedecked in costume after glorious costume, Benjamin Linus blazes through each scene! Sometimes on a magic carpet!


I’m most impressed with the fact that Benjamin Linus was so willing. I once tried to take a picture of my rabbit (Miss Cleo) and she just looked at me as she pooped out pellet after pellet in defiance. Very Les Mis. (In next year’s calendar I would like to see Benjamin all us do either prostitute Fantine or dying Fantine.)

You should purchase ten copies of this calendar and give them to all of your friends! All proceeds go to a rabbit rescue shelter in Connecticut.

Wait, how can we get two of these to the Deschanel sisters? Does anyone know them?

This is Mark’s post but he’s not so good at the internet so I had to post it for him. Please direct all anger and accolades to him. 

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