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First of all, I DON’T apologize for that title! Second of all, I’ll just say it now, fish tanks depress me. I mean, think about it! Fish could be living in THE OCEAN! Do you know how big the ocean is? Um, like so totally big! Way bigger than anywhere people, dogs or cats can live. But instead, they are stuck in boring old tanks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a pet-lover. But I only adopt—can you even adopt fish? You must be able to somewhere, but the internet is not forthcoming. Good lord, those fish in tanks at pet stores? NOT A FAN. And it turns out, fish tanks can use a lot of energy to boot.

The Guardian took a look at the environmental impact of fish tanks and some of them can use a lot of energy. It depends on the size of the tank and the type of sea animals, but according to the article, “a large reef tank containing live coral and a wide range of fish species could get through several thousand [kilowatt hours] a year.” But I don’t want people to get even tinier fish tanks! I say we just leave the fish in the ocean. Look at me! Solving problems!

[excellent cartoon by Megan Rascal!]

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