Make it: the famous Farmhouse veggie burger, VEGANIZED!  »

I love veggie burgers personally and professionally, so when I say this is the best veggie burger I’ve ever had, you better believe this veganized Farmhouse veggie burger is the best veggie burger you’ve never eaten. Unfortunately, the original recipe isn’t vegan, but with one small substitute, it can be yours! And that one substitute is Daiya cheddar (or any shredded vegan cheese, but Daiya is comes shredded and I’m already working for this burger, you know? Why the extra work?). Then, just follow the recipe as is and BAM, PERFECT VEGAN VEGGIE BURGER. Well, I’ve never actually MADE the burger (details!) but the friends who made them and invited me over said that they did just as the recipe said, subbed Daiya, and¬†roasted the cubed eggplant at 400 F for about 20 to 25 minutes with olive oil sprayed on it, because sauteing takes longer and we gots to eat!

Seriously, make these, and serve them to your friends and family on crusty rolls with Wildwood’s garlic aioli, roasted red peppers, and caramelized onions. OR just eat it straight out of the pan, which is what I did. And then I deglazed the pan and ate that with a spoon because I’m the grossest. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Incidentally, I played Bananagrams for the first time last night. What fun! I need more of that in my life; we all do. Life is short, there’s no such thing as too many veggie burgers and too much Bananagrams. PEEL!image
[Note: I did not take this photo, but your burger will look something like that. If it doesn’t, you really fucked up.]¬†

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