Get up on this: Soul Cocina in San Francisco for one night only mega-feast!  »

That crazy bro who’s coming to get you is not your regular psycho, that’s Roger Feely, the madman genius behind Soul Cocina! His meals were the best but then he moved to Chicago and we were all sad BUT NOW he’s back for a one night only( Thursday, October 6th) delicious feast of magic! And you’re invited! I mean, for money, but still. 

The entire mega-meal is vegan, or you can add stupid meat for extra money. It makes me happy that the vegan selection is cheaper than the meat meaty death one. That’s how that shit should be, and so often isn’t. So kudos to Soul Cocina and for doing it up right. And kudos to Roger for posing for and publishing that crazy-ass picture. 

Get your tickets now because this is (again) one night only and that means SOLD THE FUCK OUT. 

[Scoop & pic via the Feast!]


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The Feast has up a great video about the making of the vegan charcuterie plate at Gather in Berkeley. That charcuterie is freaking delicious, and I love how fucking fancy it is. Bring on your puréed this and your flambéd that, you bougie weirdos! My current goal is to be a rich fat cat who just eats vegan charcuterie all day. Tomorrow it might be to eat a pie the size of my couch, but today? Today it’s the fat-cat charcuterie thing, and I’m currently taking applications for people who want to dump money on my face for nothing in return! Except maybe some naked vacuuming, because that’s something I already enjoy doing!


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The fabulous Shannon from Cinnaholic is up on The Feast showing us all how to make her cinnamon rolls. So cool! Although I’m very lazy and will always buy them and will never ever ever make a batch of cinnamon rolls in my life (I know my limits!), it’s still fun to see how the magic happens. CINNAHOLIC CINNAMON ROLLS, I LOVE YOU!!!

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