Does The Hague’s vegetarian butcher herald the end of meat? Well, the fake meats are impressive!  »

It’s National Vegetarian Week in the U.K., and to celebrate, the Independent has a nice chatty feature by Kate Burt about Jaap Korteweg’s De Vegetarische Slager, a.k.a. the Vegetarian Butcher shop in The Hague!

You should definitely read the article, it is full of wonderful quotes from Korteweg, and others from prominent English vegetarians arguing about whether fake meat “destroys creativity” or is better for changing a meat-loving world over to a meatless diet. It’s balanced and interesting, you guys! (Just ignore the insect lady and Ms. Joanna “worldwide vegetarianism is wishful thinking” Blythman.)

The point I want to make here is, De Vegetarische Slager is the cutest little shop, which uses “traditional techniques” to make delicious cuts of meatless meat, many of which are vegan! Yes please!

Just look at the house line of fake meats! The ones labeled “100% plantaardig” are vegan.

They’ve got skewers for yakitori!

And lumpia!

The lumpia are made from “Lupine” meat substitute, which I cannot find a translation for. This 2010 show on Radio Netherlands Worldwide features an interview with Korteweg in which he discusses his meat substitutes. He’s the best! His wife is the leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals, which is a political party based on animal welfare. Way to go, Netherlands!

Really, go read Kate Burt’s article, it’s pretty great. And someone send me some vegetarische vlees from The Hague, please and thank you.

[top photo by Chris De Bode via the Independent; other photos via De Vegetarische Slager]


Slow loris: so cute, so sad.   »

Poor slow loris. Somehow I missed this slow loris YouTube craze but according to conservationists, these videos are encouraging the cruel and illegal trade of the cute but endangered animal. You can read all about it on Mongabay and the Independent. It’s a DOWNER: “The only reason the loris isn’t biting the person holding it in the video is because it has had its teeth ripped out with pliers.”

Just because something is cute, people don’t have to OWN them as pets! And people have this idea that we have some sort of right to have every kind of animal in the world in a zoo or on display for our own curiosity—maybe you just don’t get to see a real live slow loris. You won’t die. Meanwhile, the slow loris probably will. I hate everybody.

Wikipedia has a wealth of information on slow loris conservation but I’m having trouble finding ways we could help. Traffic does have information on the situation and I suppose you could donate to them. International Animal Rescue does slow loris conservation so that may be a good place to donate.

Lastly, here’s a different sort of slow loris video. Two slow lorises being treated for injuries by a rescue doctor; not nearly as many video views, eh?

[can’t see the video? Watch it on]


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