A vegan global cuisine cookbook is on the horizon! Needs your help!  »

Vegan Moroccan Stuffed Squash, one of many recipes on Justin’s site.

The Lotus and the Artichoke is a vegan food blog inspired by the world travels of Justin P. Moore. Now, Justin wants to take his recipes and make a whole vegan cookbook! He’s started a Kickstarter campaign to fund its publication, and now is your chance to donate. The perks look nice!

Here are a few recipes the cookbook promises to have:

  • Gobi Tikka (North India)
  • Persian Eggplant (Iran/Germany)
  • Orange Tempeh Teriyaki (Hawaii/Japan)
  • Mushroom-Tofu Stroganoff (Germany/Russia)
  • Knödel & Rotkohl (Germany)
  • Broccoli Quiche (France/USA)
  • Cashew Mushroom Risotto Deluxe (Italy/Germany)
  • Ginger Lemon Chickpea Sprouts (India/USA)
  • San Francisco Savory Crepes (USA)

Yeah, that sounds pretty yummy. The book also promises 50-plus full-page pictures. I am so down with this! I can’t handle cookbooks without pictures. I want to see what the stuff looks like!

If this all sounds good to you, make your way over to Kickstarter and chip in. 

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