Cute elephant plays with giant ribbon like a true hero of fun  »

The Dodo posted about this forever a while ago and just how cute is it? Here’s a hint: SO FREAKING CUTE. The choreography gets really elaborate around :43. 

This lil’ ele is a resident at the Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary in Northern Thailand. 


Tiny dog saves his owner’s life, like a boss.  »

I read this story this morning and ‘bout died. It’s so awesome! Over in the U.K., Toby and his 81-year-old owner Derek, pictured above, were on a walk in the woods when Derek slipped on some crazy bridge over a creek and fell into a bunch of mud. He managed to cling to the bridge railing but as he said, “you can’t hold your grip for long at my age.” Scary!

They were walking with his other dog Bruno who apparently just wandered off when Derek fell. It’s OK, Bruno! We all have different stress responses. But Toby knew his owner needed help and he sprang into action!:

He ran a quarter-of-a-mile past bushes and apartments to reach the security office which was manned. Toby barked anxiously and staff knew there was a problem and followed Toby back to the incident scene. The dog led the way and kept stopping for helpers to catch up.

Go Toby! What a hero! To reward him, Derek and his wife are going to take him on holiday (that means vacation in English). You deserve it, little guy. I wonder if Figaro would save me? He’s got a lot of anxiety and I feel like sometimes people with a lot of anxiety are great in emergency situations because, like, they’ve been preparing for it their whole lives while everyone else was busy being normal. Maybe it’s true for dogs as well! I’ll try to slip on a bridge and see. 

Does anybody have a story like this about their dog (or other pet?) I’d love to hear it! 


News you need: kitty thief!

If you haven’t seen this yet, watch the amazingness! A cat in San Mateo is a total klepto! Are the children not having nightmares yet? I don’t care, I want a cute klepto cat!

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