Vegan bakery needs help expanding into the wonderful world of espresso!  »

It’s the latest and greatest vegan endeavor to take over the world! Seattle-based vegan bakery Bouteloua Bakery, which reader Bryan tells me makes the best vegan croissants ever, is looking to expand their business to include espresso, in all its glory. But they need our help! Enter IndieGoGo! Bouteloua is trying to raise enough money to buy an espresso machine, among other things, and enough funds to hire some new people! Nice. Besides making the best vegan croissants ever, Bouteloua is also all organic and serves fair trade coffee from The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie.

I know, some of you are like, “Megan, I don’t live any where near Seattle!” but guess what! I asked the owner (another Megan! Megans unite!) and she said if you go in for the $10 perk or the $50 perk, she will mail chocolate chip cookies to you! You won’t get the free drink on the $50 perk but that should cover shipping. So, you get to help a young vegan business and get some vegan cookies to boot. More importantly, you’re supporting another step in total vegan dominance! Huzzah!

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