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If you’ve visited New York and have wanted a grand tour of all of the top vegan restaurants in the Village, you’ve probably been recommended Angelica Kitchen. It’s pricey, often overcrowded (by hipsters), and some of the waitstaff can be really fucking rude. Like, obnoxiously self-entitled and bitchy. For no reason. Oh, and the food is kind of mediocre. That was the negative vibe I had about the place the first two times I went.

I figured the third time’s the charm, and sure enough it was. Granted, I went to AK at a relatively un-busy time (read: 3:30 p.m. on a Friday). But I got a really really sweet waiter who served up some really amazing food. The story is this: after a heavy night of drinking I had Pommes Frites at like 2 a.m. Oh, greasy amazingness. But even worse than the hangover was the post-2a.m.-French-fry-gorge-guilt. So I needed something really healthy and balanced. I needed macrobiotic food. I needed Angelica Kitchen. And can I just say that this healthy meal TOTALLY HIT THE FUCKING SPOT. Pictured was the daily special: lemon-glazed seitan; sweet potato mash; quinoa, corn, and olive salad; arugula; and steamed green beans.

I also added two items from the “basics” menu for $2 or something reasonable like that. It was steamed kale, collard greens, and napa cabbage on a bed of soba noodles with a side of black sesame dressing. It was arguably my favorite part of the meal.

This was the Southern-style cornbread my meal-mate got. It was so good I didn’t even get a bite of it. 

All in all, the service at Angelica Kitchen is totally hit-or-miss, which is really a drag. An obnoxious waiter/waitress can totally ruin the experience (and consequently, the food), so I recommend going at a non-peak time. It’s 100 percent cash-only, and you’ll probably get castigated if you go ill-prepared for that. Oh, and a lot of hipsters hang out there so be sure to wear your horn-rimmed glasses and ironic mustache.

[photos by Brianna!]

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