The Supreme Master Ching Hai musical! How did we miss this?  »

Catherine Wagley went to see Loving Silent Tears, the musical based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poetry collection, Silent Tears, and reviewed it for LA Weekly. Here is a taste for you:

The whole cast comes onstage. “Let’s take each other’s/Take each other’s hand,” they sing. Audience members had been given star-shaped light up wands to wave, too, though quite a few had stopped working properly by this point in the show.

If you want to enjoy the spectacle, as we desperately do, that is too bad—it was a one-night-only show, and we are all out of luck. Bring back Loving Silent Tears! We want a national tour featuring all the cities with Ching Hai joints!

[photo by Catherine Wagley for LA Weekly]


NYC: The Flea Theater brings back These Seven Sicknesses!  »

My pop the theater nerd has informed me that the Flea Theater is running These Seven Sicknesses again until July 1, and once again, they’ll be serving vegan dinner at each performance!

My dad enjoyed the play very much, so he highly recommends it. Read his review on the last post!


Get your fill of Sophocles and vegan food at the Flea Theater in New York!  »

Guess what, everybody! We have a very special guest post today! It’s from MY DAD! My dad is a theater nut. Like, big time. He goes to plays constantly and he was so excited when he heard this weird Sophocles marathon he was going to was going to be serving vegan food. Not because he’s vegan, but because he’s a big Vegansaurus fan! He was happy to share his experience with all of us:

Dear Megan:

I have a tip on a fun thing to do for your NYC-area Vegansaurus fans. The Flea Theater, an off-off-Broadway venue in the Tribeca neighborhood, is running a marathon theater event entitled THESE SEVEN SICKNESSES. It’s an extremely interesting and exciting adaptation of the seven surviving plays by Sophocles. Each play is cut to about a half hour. All the gory action that takes place off-stage in a classically presented Greek play is put right back in full view. The chorus consists of a group of nurses who spend a lot of time mopping up blood. They do quite a bit of singing, but no long chanted passages. Also, no gods; it’s all intense human interaction. All 38 parts are played by The Flea’s resident acting company, The Bats, who are uniformly wonderful. In fact, wonderful is really the word for the whole evening.

The angle for Vegansaurus followers is that the ticket price includes a vegan, gluten-free dinner prepared by the Macao Trading Co. and served by the cast after the first three plays. The night I went, the main course was a very good eggplant curry served over jasmine rice, accompanied by excellent vegetable spring rolls served with mustard (they were small - I had eight!). They served green tea and water, with wine and beer available for purchase. After two more plays, there was another break for dessert: mini-cupcakes - vegetarian, but not vegan, so true Vegansaurs may want to bring their own dessert. The Bats clearly love interacting with the audience, by the way, chatting us up at every opportunity. Overall, the evening - seven plays, dinner and dessert - clocks it at about five hours - actually a little less the night I went.

These Seven Sicknesses will be running through Sunday, March 4th. Here’s the link for tickets and more information:

Love, Dad

Thanks, daddy! This does sound fun! Corny on the cupcakes though. You KNOW vegans make some good cupcakes! Maybe we can hook them up with Babycakes. Then I would definitely go. I should go anyway to see if their ANTIGONE is as good as my 8th grade class production of it. I was Tiresias! See? I’ve always been psychic. But really, who makes 8th graders do ANTIGONE? The unavoidable doom of destiny kind of underminds the need to study algebra. 

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