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Remember Archie, the tiny “chef” who helped his daddy cook this soup that I have now made variations of at least 20 times because it is so good and also Archie and his daddy are so freaking adorable? We now have a rival father-son soup-making video, courtesy Chow’s “My Go-To Dish” series: this video features super-fancy chef Daniel Patterson (of Coi! and Plum!) and his kid making a summertime soup of eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, purslane, and basil. And things! It looks SO GOOD, you guys.

Daniel Patterson is so great! Remember when he said "carrots are the new caviar"? I fell in total vegan crushed-out-edness. Then I saw this video and my heart EXPLODED.

"Home is not a pursuit of perfection; home is pursuit of dinner. One of the things that’s really unfortunate is the fear of doing something wrong. Because you have to do things wrong. It’s like, how you learn, and if you’ve got good ingredients and you’re trying your best, in the end it’s gonna be fine." —Daniel Patterson, 2011 and FOREVER. Indeed it is! Kitchens are like chem labs for eating, they’re amazing and fun!

You may think you love Daniel Patterson now, but wait till the end of the video when he CHASES HIS SMALL SON AROUND THE HOUSE WIELDING HIS TINY BABY BEFORE HIM. You guys all I want is space for a small garden—herbs, a couple greens, vertical tomatoes—and a bunch of animals and babies. OK and the internet, I love the internet. But for real, let’s all adopt animals and small children and grow our own food and be friends with the neighbors and make this chilled eggplant soup. This is the summer of our aspiration. Yes, we aspire to soup. Shut it, soup is the best.


An article I just read refers to this kid as a “chef,” which offended me because he is two and plainly not a chef, and also I am easily offended. But as you can see, his father doesn’t consider him a chef so much as his kitchen helper, and aside from the whole “posting videos of your child online without your child being old enough to give consent” issue, seems to be a pretty good parent, all normal about food and wanting to have something to do with his unemployed days. Also, Archie, the two-year-old in the toque, is really fucking cute, with his English accent and his big fat cheeks, which helps distract from any ethical questions you may have.

The complete recipe—which is vegan, no doy—is at the My Daddy Cooks blog.

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