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Since I moved to NYC, I’ve acquired a gaggle of friends from Spain. You know, the Spain in Europe. I swear, I have never talked about being vegan this much in my life! First they don’t get it, then they think I’m crazy, then they ask a million questions. The main question just being, “why?” and then we move on to defensive omnivore bingo (though to be fair, they are way less annoying about it than defensive omnivores from the United States). Meanwhile, when I did a semester abroad in Madrid, I was totally delighted by their vegetarian restaurants. I guess my Spanish friends missed those.

A friend of mine from the Spanish crew, Luna, who seems to have finally run out of vegan questions, has taken to making me vegan lunch all the time! Can you say, SCORE?! Today we had couscous and tomatoes, Trader Joe’s edamame and Trader Joe’s vegetable gyoza. The gyoza was the bomb! (I should mention that while all the ingredients are vegan, it shares equipment with shellfish. FYI and GROSS.) They make a perfect light lunch or a nice dinnertime appetizer. We ate them with a bit of soy sauce—just a bit. I had four but I prob could have eaten seven or 100 of them.

I don’t know if it’s just the way Luna makes it but the Trader Joe’s edamame is like the best frozen edamame I’ve ever had. I’ve tried other brands at my house and it’s just not as good as when Luna makes it! By the by, Luna is totally hot and needs a green card.

[Photo credit: ME, FOOLS! Sorry I don’t have a “before” of the gyoza bag but I was so hungry]

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