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I thought there was no room in my heart for dogs. Cats, I understand them; they are moody, picky, sassy, make no qualms about wanting to scratch your eyes out if you mess with them and when they love you, it’s like being initiated into a super-secret club in which you two are the only members.

My cold, dark heart began to melt last summer when I met my sister’s dogs, Jake and Billy. They loved me the instant they met me (I do always appreciate having the upper hand) and followed me around as if I was the leader of their playful, slobbery doggie pack.

Billy and Jake. Jake suffers from red eye, much like myself.

Now, it’s official: Toby has stolen my heart and is running with it. I read this little guy’s updates everyday, and just bought the homemade vegan dog biscuits for Jake and Billy. Hopefully my sister will be able to give me a review by the end of the week!image
Toby is having a slew of medical problems, yet his parents, John and Veronica, can see the fight in his eyes and are doing everything they can to get him healthy again.

John explained to me, “Toby is family. By choice we don’t have kids; our dogs are our kids. Toby has a shot at a normal (or closely monitored normal-ish) life but he needs time to get regulated. The idea to sell the biscuits was inspired by the Apron Campaign, which I got Veronica for her birthday last year. We looked for ideas of what we could do to help raise money for Toby so we could afford to keep his treatment going.”image
Toby and his “sis,” Meg

I’m rooting for you Toby! If we lose you, I’ll never find it in my heart love dogs again! Okay, not true. You’ve actually opened my eyes to the adorable world of dogs, and perhaps one day, when I have the living space, I will have a pooch companion.image
Toby, I love you so!

[Photos of Toby by John and Veronica]


Meet Toby! Help save his maltipoo life!  »

This cutie pie maltipoo needs our help, stat. You see, Toby has been diagnosed with both diabetes and a disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). He needs only insulin for his diabetes, but a cocktail of other medications for the IMHA, including prednisone, cyclosporen, doxycyclin and leflunemide. The meds for IMHA actually make Toby’s diabetes worse, and therefore he has been hospitalized. We all know how quickly vet bills can add up!

The family caring for Toby has created Time For Toby, a blog explaining his condition and how he came to be a part of their household. It also serves as an avenue to buy vegan dog biscuits, vegan biscotti or simply donate some cash to help support Toby. They need money to buy more time, to find a perfect balance of meds to regulate this little guy. You know you won’t be able to look yourself in the mirror if you don’t help out, so DO IT!


Perez Hilton speaks out against Factory Farming! He says, “Whether you are a meat-eater or VEGAN you can stand behind animals in the meat trade.” That’s cool, but just go vegan. Then we won’t have an issue like factory farms, where animals are tortured and sexually abused (humans are the worst).

Florida and Iowa are trying to make undercover investigations of factory farms ILLEGAL! To which Perez, a Florida native responds “A citizen’s right to document cruelty to animals—wherever it occurs—is crucial to helping local, state, and federal officials enforce anti-cruelty laws. What we need are more cameras on factory farms, not fewer.”

I love celebrities who stand up for animals. I love them even more when they are VEGAN. I’m a pop culture whore. I don’t want to discuss how upset I am about boycotting Water for Elephants. The book is incredible! Robert Pattinson is the vamp of my dreams! Don’t try to tell me he’s not a vampire in real life, the conversation won’t go very well.

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