The puppy you bought on the internet came from a puppymill. Fucking duh. 

I’m astounded at the way many people go about getting a dog. I hate breeders but if someone is going to buy a dog, they should research the breeder and visit the facility. How can you just order one online? A dog is not a sweater! Plus, you might get a gremlin or something. Jeez Louise. 

Check out HSUS for more info and to send an email to the USDA!


Olivia Munn gets rowdy on the Today Show  »

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

The whole incident is pretty funny and I don’t think it’s as bad as Ecorazzi makes it out to be. No blows are thrown, relax. Ecorazzi’s takeaway is that, “Olivia Munn + alcohol + uninformed remarks about animal cruelty = great television.” I’m hoping they are talking about the Today Show host making “uninformed” remarks because I don’t see what’s so uninformed about Munn’s remarks. Horse-drawn carriages are fucked up and barbaric. I’m glad Munn’s not a fake celebrity animal-rights activist and actually calls people out when an issue arises instead of keeping some PR-pleasing passive voice on the subject. Although, her brand is “just one of the boyz who tells it like it is but is still totally adorable and sexually accessible and OOPS I FARTED LOLZ” so that could be it, too. Either way, I’m glad she used her big mouth.

Munn is probably best known for getting naked for a variety of reasons, and for being a woman on The Daily Show. More specifically, the shit storm her hiring created—which culminated in The Daily Show displaying its true (asshole) colors regarding women. Anyway, I can’t tell if she’s vegan? Peta quotes her earlier this year on horse-drawn carriages:

The least romantic thing to do in New York or any other city is going on horse-drawn carriage rides…. [I]f you knew the pain and misery these beautiful animals endure just to fulfill the false symbol of uniting two hearts, it would actually break your heart. To see the horses in the harsh, cold weather being forced to cart people around the city is the farthest thing from romantic in my opinion.



Yes friends, a dog adopted a piglet! Again! And yes, the dog is licking the piglet’s butt in that one shot. Way to edit, Today Show! What’s this business about the piglet being sent back for being too tiny? Meat-eaters are so weird. Whatevs, I’m glad they saved the piglet. Though another will just take its place. How can the omnivores watch videos like this and still eat piglets?! Because they are fucking freaks.

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