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I love makeup! I love eyeliner, blush, lipstick, lipgloss, and mascara! It will be a glorious day once I learn how to use false eyelashes. (Dear Cally, can you help me?) The thing I don’t like however, are concealers, powders, foundations, the act of contouring; they’re all beyond me and I dislike how they feel like a mask on my face. Never mind the fact I walk everywhere, and these things usually just melt right off. Fine, it’s also that I just like to roll out of bed and go. Bedhead is still chic, right?

I do like the look of a finished face, though, and that is why I am a fan of tinted moisturizers; I used to use Laura Mercier, but in recent times, that company has gone the route of animal testing as “required by law.” What’s a would-be low-maintenance vegan to do? Consult my secret weapon, Logical Harmony, of course! Tashina has been forever telling me to try Too Faced Beauty Balm. I love their mascara, so I don’t know why I was so hesitant. Just kidding, I know exactly why: It’s kind of pricey. It’s difficult for me to buy expensive makeup, for fear I won’t like it or I’ll choose the wrong color.

imageMy favorite vegan mascaras! It took a while to find them, but now we’re inseparable.

Long story short, I finally made the big purchase and I love it! I like the soft tint of it, and it’s super lightweight on my skin. My vegan moisturizers don’t have SPF in them, and so I’m digging the SPF 20. Sometimes I just mix a little in with my day moisturizer. Then I add a little pressed powder, some blush, lipliner, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and I’m set! Low maintenance, see? 

I was worried about choosing the right color, because even though I’m told I’m pale, I like to believe I have sun-kissed skin all year round. I got the tint one shade darker than the absolute lightest shade, and the tint is perfect! I probably could have even gone a shade darker and been OK, because the color and coverage is not as heavy as a foundation. On the other hand, I may have been in trouble if I’d gone with, say, Beach Glow. That would have been just ridiculous on my end (and something I’ve done rather recently).

If you are in the market for a new day moisturizer, or a tinted moisturizer with light coverage and an SPF — protecting your skin from sun damage is extremely important! — I recommend the Too Faced Beauty Balm. When I ordered mine directly through the Too Face website, it came with two free samples, which was not too shabby. I don’t know if Too Faced does that all the time, but it was a great gesture (i.e., way to get me to buy more products from them).

For more information on exactly what a Beauty Balm is, plus a second opinion, check out Logical Harmony’s review of the same product! 

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