German company Sante introduces vegan toothpaste with B12!  »

Sante is a company based in Hannover, Germany, which creates and manufactures “natural cosmetics.” This line now includes toothpaste with vitamin B12! Specifically for people whose diets make them susceptible to B12 deficiencies, like vegans!

Even better than it existing is that it works. Sante and Vegetarierbund Deutschland (VEBU/German Vegetarian Society) conducted a study with some pretty great results. Namely, participants saw a “60 percent increase in vitamin B12 after 4 weeks of …¬†two applications daily of a B12-toothpaste.” That is great!

VEBU details the study here, including some pretty clear charts. Yes, they’re entirely in German, but you can understand this, right?

Hint: “Vorher” means “before” and “Nachher” means “after.”

As for buying this wonderful toothpaste, it appears you can purchase it through VEBU, but only from certain countries, most of which are European, obviously. A quick Google turns up a few sites—but none of them¬†ships to North America, either. Boo! I want this toothpaste! Actually, I’m pretty well-vitamined, but I love the idea of an organic, vegan dentifrice that cleans your teeth and protects you from future health issues.

Thanks for the hard work, VEBU and Sante. Now please sell us your product.

[images via VEBU]



Threadbanger presents a lesson in homemade toothpaste. Now hang on! Sometimes even the most urban vegans need to save money, or have trouble finding vegan toothpaste that isn’t fennel-flavored, despite our striving to overcome the neo-hippie image forced on us by basically the entire world.

This seems nice and practical, and an easy way to get cruelty-free toothpaste if you’ve forgotten yours while traveling to vegan-unfriendly places. And if anyone talks nasty to you because of your conscientiousness, tell them that 1. odds are their toothpaste was tested on live animals; and 2. so fuck off, jerk.

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