PETA has teamed up with Troma (!) to create this commercial. I know most of us weren’t too keen on the other recent PETA commercial, but how do we feel about this one? I was a big Troma fan as a teen so I’m kind of biased. Really though, who else has seen Killer Condom? That movie rules!

I like this commercial a lot better than that other commercial but do you think it will be effective in awakening empathy in people? It does depict a lot of the realities of factory farming that we’ve heard/seen. But people are so dense and resistent to harsh realities! And this came out in January yet I’m just seeing it now. This isn’t getting as much attention as the ads many of us consider offensive! There is nudity in it but it’s more like the solitary confinement nudity in Oz than sexy nudity. It’s a different way to use nudity, it makes the people appear vulnerable. I can’t believe it’s not getting attention just because Troma made it! But sometimes I’m in my own little world where I assume everyone has the same interests as me and Alan Thicke is president. 

So what are our thoughts on this?

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