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I don’t pay attention to many right-wing political commentators, but I fondly remember Tucker Carlson from the AMAZING Crossfire episode with Jon Stewart. Last week Carlson was back on TV, declaring on Fox News’ Great American Panel that Mike Vick should have been executed for his dog-fighting crimes:

Oh my jesus, I love this guy! He’s out of his mind. Where did they find him? I mean everyone knows I hate Mike Vick but really, the death penalty? I don’t believe in the death penalty, partially because it’s COMPLETELY RACIST, but mostly because I don’t think the government should go around killing people. Are there vegans that do believe in the death penalty? I’d be curious to hear about it. I do think Vick’s career as a public figure should be over. All sorts of scandals ruin peoples’ careers, but electrocuting defenseless dogs doesn’t? Go figure.

He does make one good point: why is the president weighing in on this? It is a bit weird. Like, this is the example of redemption Obama wants to publicize? It seems like there are better causes out there. It makes me think he’s like every Philly dude who just cares about football. Sports are such a joke! I mean, sports are fine, but it’s basically reality TV and the extent to which people get emotionally involved in them is ridic. Get a life. Or at least, get some morals.

Don’t worry guys, this nonsense has a happy ending: Carlson retracted his comment! “‘This is what happens when you get too emotional,’ Carlson said, ‘I’m a dog lover…I love them and I know a lot about what Michael Vick did…I overspoke.* I’m uncomfortable with the death penalty in any circumstance. Of course I don’t think he should be executed, but I do think that what he did is truly appalling.’”

OK, I love dogs and I understand that the brutal murder of a dog can make you emotional, but in the video where he’s making the execution statement, homeboy seems calm enough to contain himself. He’s just crazy.

*For extra credit, there’s a nice piece in the Language Log about "overspoke" and how it’s a real word.

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