New TV show stars plant-based diet advocate! Premieres tonight!  »

What Would Julienna Do? premieres tonight at 7 p.m. (EST I think) on the Veria Living channel. I’ve never heard of this woman or this television channel but YOU KNOW I love this trailer because of the hilarious dog at the end! He’s a comedic genius!

So, who will be watching tonight? Do you like this woman more than the Cooking Channel show guy?



Hello, Friends! it’s WTF Wednesday!   »

You guys, Allen and I bought a tv! This means we are together forever! Allen tried to inform me that the washer and dryer we’d purchased two years ago was a bigger deal but fuck clean clothes, I can finally use the Playstation 3 I bought him like 15 thousand years ago (for him! Not for me!) and play all of the awesome games I’ve been missing out on while Allen has been waffling on what kind of TV we were going to get. And we can truly test the limits of our relationship as Allen sees how incredibly angry I can get at a video game and also at anyone who tries to help me or suggests that if ‘very easy’ is too intense or difficulty for me then perhaps I should use the console as a Blu-ray and tv-watching machine and save some money.

Actually, Allen has been incredibly helpful in beating some of the games and on Saturday we accomplished the feat of completing God of War in a cooperative manner. Earlier that day, Allen and I had gotten locked out of our apartment and I had not been as cooperative in understanding how he could have left the house without keys as I was when he was unable to murder a horde of harpies the first time he tried. Allen sees this as a problem. I do not. Sometimes I feel Allen does not focus on the important things in life, like saving ancient Athens from burning and freeing yourself of the memories of all the people you’ve slaughtered along the way.

At least I’m not lonely, though. I mean Allen and I bicker constantly but it’s fun and playful and I wouldn’t be able to be a part of any relationship in which I couldn’t constantly threaten murder and evisceration upon my partner (Allen knows I am too lazy to actually follow through). We can’t say the same for Lonesome George, the giant rare tortoise who passed away earlier this month. He refused to be in any relationship! I respect that, but I wouldn’t be able to do it.  And it makes me feel kind of lonely just thinking about him and his lonesome death an the fact that he was the last tortoise of his kind and he was just going to take that with him. Actually, that part I kind of get, just set it all on fire when you go.

Just as Lonesome George was dying, though, three rare White Tiger cubs were born in the Ukraine (Hi Ukraine! Remember when I lived next to you?). That reminds me of this one time Laura and I were watching House and a woman collapsed in the first two minutes and I was all “Aneurysm!” because I had been playing a lot of Trauma Center and Laura was all “I bet she’s pregnant,” and she was! And then Laura predicted that the woman would have to die to give the baby life and she was correct then too, and then she spent ten minutes after the episode explaining the mysteries of life to me because I just didn’t understand. Which is exactly what this seems like.

Just so we’re not all depressed as we venture forth on this glorious hump-day (I am writing this in bed before I have to go to work!) here’s a video of a baby turtle (on theme!) eating the fuck out of a giant raspberry. This video really makes me want to go out and eat raspberries but only serves to remind me that the only thing I have to look forward to is a bowl of oatmeal after an hour of step aerobics.

That’s it for this week! Please send me links and PS3 recommendations for next week and have a harpy free Wednesday!


TV channel for dogs! Genius!   »

No really, I think this is a great idea! I often would leave the TV on for my Figaro because he has separation anxiety and he barks a lot. So the TV works great as a way to drown out little noises that might make him bark and I thought it would kind of keep him company too. But I never know which channel to leave it on! I try to leave it on kids’ channels because I figure they aren’t going to have loud noises and there will be a lot of high octave, happy voices. But this new dog channel, DogTV, has hundreds of shows based on all kinds of research:

DogTV has created nearly 800 programs for dogs, each around three to five minutes long to fit with a dogs’ limited attention span, and is constantly creating new content. The programs are designed to “relax, stimulate and expose” dogs to situations they come across in daily life, like car rides and romps around the park. Other programs include animations of moving objects, nature scenes set to soothing music, and dogs sleeping or resting.

They tried cats and barking noises and stuff they thought dogs would like but that only irritated them. 

Now you may be wondering if dogs actually do like to watch tv, this is the first question in their FAQ:

Do dogs really watch TV?

Yes! Dogs respond beautifully to what they see on TV, and enjoy most when they see other dogs, other animals and even inanimate moving objects. YouTube has over 5000 videos of dogs watching TV, and increasing number of dog parents admit that they saw their pooch watching TV more than once. The shift to digital televisions and flat screen TV’s has also contributed to the growth in the numbers of dogs that watch TV. In a survey conducted by the American Kennel Club and IAMS dog food, nearly half of those surveyed had dogs that showed some interest in what was happening on the television screen.

The channel is currently only available in San Diego but seriously, if this channel was available everywhere, I’d use it all the time! It will have a $5.00 monthly subscription fee because, as the creator pointed out, they can’t really sell ad space. Which I think is good because I hate when loud commercials come on—not relaxing for Fig at all! 

Here’s an example of their relaxing shows:

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

I’m relaxed! But I’m really hoping they have shows like Mr. Belvedere but where Mr. Belvedere is a dog. Right? 


What Would You Do? is taking on vegan bashing! If you don’t know this show, you have been missing out. It’s kind of the best. They use actors to create tense situations and then see if bystanders intervene. Like if a kid is being bullied for being gay, will the people around intervene and help him. Stuff like that. And then they harass the people about why they did or didn’t help. See? The best! And this time, it’s with vegans!

The show airs tonight at 9 on ABC News and I’m very excited. Let’s all watch and then tomorrow we can discuss!


Olsen Haus on The Price is Right! Yes, one of my favorite vegan shoes brands was on one of the greatest shows on television. The fact that this show exists gives me the will to live. People just guess the price of stuff? What an absurd premise! I love it. The total for this olsen Haus collection was a little over $2,000 but the closest guess was $600 short and no one went over. Yeah people, olsen Haus is THE FANCY-FANCY!
The shoes appear at about 25 minutes in. It was for their special Earth Day episode. Another thing to note: Drew Carey is a conservative jerk. Yay!

Olsen Haus on The Price is Right! Yes, one of my favorite vegan shoes brands was on one of the greatest shows on television. The fact that this show exists gives me the will to live. People just guess the price of stuff? What an absurd premise! I love it. The total for this olsen Haus collection was a little over $2,000 but the closest guess was $600 short and no one went over. Yeah people, olsen Haus is THE FANCY-FANCY!

The shoes appear at about 25 minutes in. It was for their special Earth Day episode. Another thing to note: Drew Carey is a conservative jerk. Yay!


The Martha Stewart vegan episode! Megan Rascal’s recap!  »

Here I am post-Martha Stewart show! I’m totally Hollywood now and can barely condescend to talk to you guys anymore. Just kidding! It’s the same old me. But the show was so fun! Bad news: she uses honey in her granola bar recipe with Kathy Freston. Good news: she said she’s giving up beef!

So yeah, the honey thing. It was just like, she was adding ingredients to these granola bars and then, all of a sudden, she added the honey! It happened so fast! I don’t know if Freston even had time to say anything! But my heart SANK. It had been going SO WELL up until then. Biz's segment at the beginning was great and his recipe looked super. Freston was kind of peppy and seemed very focused on the weight-loss angle but she was also a font of information. Then BAM! Martha adds the honey. There was a low gasp in the crowd and I buried my face in my hands. Why, Martha, why!

My official opinion: The honey connection is not obvious to everyone so I think she JUST DIDN’T KNOW. SO this should be viewed as an opportunity to educate, not to attack her. The good Martha did with this episode outweighs the bad; she exposed your everyday American to the realities of factory farming! And considering her other episodes use all kinds of meat, eggs and dairy and that she’s not in fact vegan, this episode was a big step forward. I’m sure there will be varying opinions, but that’s mine.

Now for the beef! In questions after the show, someone asked if we’d be seeing more vegan stuff from Martha in the future and she began to talk about a recent experience with some beef she bought:

I didn’t buy it from my regular butcher; I usually buy three pounds of good ground chuck and I took it home—this was from the supermarket—and I rolled it in my hands and my hands were stained red and I vowed I wouldn’t eat beef again…. No really, it was horrifying…. What the heck do they do to the beef that made my hands red? It shouldn’t do that.

Uh, no, it shouldn’t do that. Hey, imagine how many people will give up beef if Martha does! SO MANY! Hopefully she will replace that beef with veggies and seitan instead of chicken and fish. She also said she doesn’t eat veal and that she’s just been slowly progressing toward a more plant-based diet. OMJESUS WHAT IF MARTHA GOES VEGAN?! That would be like the greatest day of my life. It would be the greatest day of the world’s life!

Other things that happened: I was in the very front row and that was close enough to see the beautiful sparkle in Gene Baur’s eyes. Really. It’s quite a sparkle. His conversation with Martha was really great. Did you know she adopted a sheep from Farm Sanctuary? She did. And Baur was totally well spoken and informative. She asked him if they ate the eggs the chickens lay at Farm Sanctuary and Baur’s answer was, “no, because we want to set an example.” Great answer, no? He said they feed the eggs to some of the other animals and Martha was like, “Like what would happen in nature!” So I liked that chat a lot. 

Biz was really good and everyone thought he was hilarious. At one point while they were filming, the stage manager turned to another person on stage like, “this guy is really funny!” So everyone was impressed. Biz made his wife Livia's amazing seitan Bourguignon (I hella just spelled that). And Martha seems totally into twitter. And Laura pointed out that she has a white iPad which is totally baller. Her shoes were pretty too but I can’t speak to whether or not they were vegan. Oh and Martha was totally funny and pretty and great and I LOVE HER.

That’s not all! Check out all the swag I got!:
I’m rich!

All in all, I think it was pretty successful. The honey setback was unfortunate but overall, I think what Martha did to shed light on factory farming was awesome. I hope this snowball keeps rolling! More vegan episodes! More vegans! Vegans, vegans, everywhere!

Martha Stewart goes vegan and we’ll be there!  »

I don’t know if you know this, but I love Martha Stewart! I know, I’ve said it before, but it’s still true. In my younger days, I was basically the Martha Stewart of West Philly. Ask anybody. I was obsessed. Since I became vegan, we’ve been a little distant, but all that is about to change! Your friend Megan Rascal is going to be in the audience for Martha’s vegan episode!!! I AM SO EXCITED I DON’T THINK I’LL BE ABLE TO SLEEP!!! What am I going to wear?! JESUS CHRISTMAS I’M GOING TO DIE!

Hey! I’m back! And I’m calm. So! Do you follow Vegansaurus on twitter? Because 1) we tweet some seriously magical shit on the regular and 2) I will be live-tweeting from the taping! If they let me! Exclusive Martha Stewart behind-the-scenes tweets! If I can get them! Make sure you follow us so you can be “in the know,” as we say in the business. And if you get to watch the episode (10 a.m. on the Hallmark channel. Also, what is the Hallmark channel?), be sure and look out for me in the crowd! I’ll be the extra pretty one with the goofy ecstatic smile! I might have a sign. It might have a marriage proposal. It’s live TV, ANYTHING can happen!


Vegans taking over: Animal Planet!  »

Vegan Treats is going to dominate Animal Planet with a new reality show! According to Hollywood Reporter, the show, Sweet Avenger, will be out in the summer. Who’s excited?! Hopefully I will have cable by then (lord knows how I’ve survived this long).

The show is set to focus on Vegan Treats owner Danielle Konya—her personal life and the bakery. Hot damn, look at that picture! I didn’t realize Bethlehem, Penn. was home of the vegan baddass. I’ll have to go north* of Philadelphia a little more often! Actually, I am still planning my Vegan Treats pilgrimage, and I think I’ve convinced my sister to go with me. OMJesus maybe if I go now, I’ll be on TV! I’m already so Hollywood, I hope you guys can handle it.

From the Hollywood Reporter: “‘Animal Planet made a big brand statement with Whale Wars,’ said Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet. ‘Now with Sweet Avenger, muscular conservation has a deliciously different new face.’” Muscular conservation? The word is VEGAN, honey. Still cute though. Bring it on!

*It’s north, apparently, not west as I previously said. I’m terrible at math.



Animals! Adjectives! Television!  »

"Discover the glorious variety of life on earth and the spectacular and extraordinary tactics animals and plants have developed to stay alive."

Yowza! Take it easy with the adjectives! But this does seem pretty exciting. The Discovery Channel has put together a cool-looking series called Life. It’s the second chapter of their popular series Planet Earth and focuses on all the amazing animals we got here on Earth. There’s 10 episodes, including Birds, Insects, and Creatures of the Deep. Yeah that’s cool but guess what number 10 is!: Primates

OMG I love me some primates! Especially the apes!* They’re all cool with their “I eerily resemble a human but not quite” shtick. Robots are like that too except apes are way cuter. Except for maybe Number 5.

The series airs Mar. 21 through April 18th.

*I know, I know, we’re technically apes too, but you know what I mean.

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