Sharks in Australia FINALLY get hip to Twitter  »


Hammerhead pic from SLSWA’s Twitter feed.

Sharks have never been on-trend, shall we say, but this is downright irresponsible. Only now getting on twitter? Get it together, sharks! You guys are apex predators! You should be early adopters, leading the way for society! 

But yeah, in an effort to avoid shark attacks, 338 sharks in Australia have been fitted with monitors that detect when they are close to the beach. When they get within half a mile of shore, their size, breed and approximate location is tweeted from the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter account.


Some are critical of the program because they think that if there is no Tweet, people will interpret that as no threat, even though not all sharks are tagged. Personally, it seems like another measure to help people avoid sharks, that works with other measures. It could even help sharks with their current, longstanding PR problem just by increased visibility when they aren’t killing people and are just being sharks.  I’m curious to see what happens. 


Seven day challenge to “Get Crunk” with Bianca Phillips starts today!   »

Let’s get crunk this week, you guys. Seriously! Starting today, Cookin’ Crunk author Bianca Phillips is teaming up with both Vegan Mainstream and Book Publishing Company to launch a seven day “Keep On Crunkin” challenge, as a social media campaign for her cookbook! Each day Bianca will share tips and recipes on her blog, Vegan Crunk. The posts will then offer a social media option that you can take to Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, with a chance to win some awesome prizes, including cookbooks and Cookin’ Crunk aprons! According to Vegan Mainstream, if you’re on twitter, use the hashtag #KeepOnCrunkin to join the conversation at anytime. Being a huge fan of pretty much anything Bianca does, I’m pretty excited to check out what this week-long challenge is all about!   


Remember the challenge starts today (Feb 19th) and ends on the 26th —you can find more information about this lively campaign right here! Now let’s go get crunk! 



Help These 5 Pups Find a Good Home

Tonight is the big event! The ASPCA’s #PuppyLove Twitter party kicks off at 6pm EST, and you’re invited to answer trivia questions, win prizes, and meet these five adorable contestants. The Meet Your Match dating show will stream live, right here on The FluffPo, and you might just fall in love with one of these adoptable pooches.

Follow @ASPCA, @TheFluffPo, @DogTipper and the hashtag #PuppyLove for all the action. It starts at 6pm EST, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Hey Twitter pals! This is happening today, at 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST, and maybe you want to participate!


Robin Robertson has got vegan Thanksgiving help for you!  »

You guys know that Vegansaurus loves Thanksgiving. Eatin’ and loved ones and time off work and more eatin’—no gifts, no religion, just good food and better company (or vice versa!).

Unfortunately, preparing a big, multi-dish meal for often mixed-diet company often causes loads of stress, which can put even the best-dispositioned of us entirely off Thanksgiving. But don’t fret! Vegan chef and author Robin Robertson is here for us! On Monday, she announced the opening of her holiday hotline, a series of posts full of her (very valuable!) holiday success advice. She also announced a contest to win a copy of Party Vegan, which you should totally enter.

Yesterday, she posted three example holiday menus, all the recipes on the first of which are available here! For more immediate help, VegNews is hosting a vegan Holiday Hotline on Twitter tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 6 PST/9 EST. The participants will include Robin, and her esteemed vegan food colleagues Nava Atlas, Ayinde Howell, Hannah Kaminsky, and Allyson Kramer. Check it out tonight at hashtag #vegnewschat. With their help, you could make Thanksgiving 2012 the fanciest ever! Or the least stressful! Whichever is more appealing/realistic!

[photo by Robin Robertson]


Social Kitchen and Brewery in the Inner Sunset has tasty vegan options!  »

Social Kitchen and Brewery serves beer and has vegan options—that’s all you really need to know, right? It’s located in the Inner Sunset, which means even when it’s busy, it’s not like trying to find a seat in a Mission bar, feel me? I love this place ‘cause it’s close to my ‘hood, they always respond to my tweets, and there’s specialty crafted beer.

Vegan chili! So flavorful—I was very impressed!

Roasted Brussels sprouts chips! I loved these babies!

French fries! Standard bar food, but look: They come in little metal pails and are seasoned to perfection!

They have more choices than I’ve shown, but since super-eater Sean Hugunin wasn’t with us, there was no need to order every vegan option on the menu.

Let’s not forget the beer!

I always order IPA because it tastes the best. Featured is Social’s Easy IPA—delicious!

Social Kitchen and Brewery is located at 1326 Ninth Ave., in the Inner Sunset. Let’s go, I’m free on Saturday night!


Cookbooks vs. apps: a question for the readers  »

Image by neoprolog on Flickr

Lizzie Stark over at the Today Show has a pretty interesting post up about the relative merits of cookbooks vs apps. I only know this because Terry Hope Romero, author of many of my favorite cookbooks, tweeted about it:


Cooksbooks & apps are like apples and tofu: need both in my life 

You have no idea how much you’re missing on the Twitters, yo.

I gave you my opinions on the subject just last week: books all the way, baby. Though a digital, searchable index of the books I already own would make my year. 

Anyway, I bring the question to you, dear readers. Are cooking apps the way of the future, or misguided anachronisms like Tamagotchi and, um, what else was stupid to make electronic?

Tell us what you think! Is there a cooking app you love? Should I try it? Why?


Russell Brand, are you seriously a vegan now?  »

If you have eyes and use the internet (Twitter), you have probably seen Russell Brand’s claim that he is going vegan! At first I was all, “Oh yeah, Russell, sure. Why don’t you marry Katy Perry while you are at it?” Then I realized I was being such a hater! Dude has been vegetarian since he was 14! Yeah, Russell, watch Forks Over Knives with the Mrs. and go vegan! Do it, PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2011!

I’m just being a hater because I thought he was hot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then was the funny/OMG so sexy-hilarious host of the 2009 VMAs. Jealousy—it’s not attractive. DAMMIT RUSSELL, WHY KATY AND NOT MEEEE?

The Tweet heard ‘round the world. Or, at least in most vegan circles.


In between doing very important things on my day off (watching Mad Men on Netflix, checking Facebook, napping) I came across Gluten Morgan’s video on the Whole Foods twitter feed.  GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN SPICE CUPCAKES. For real? Yes! Do it! Make them! I know I’m going to later this week. I bet they’d be incredible with cream cheese frosting.

Excuse me while I stalk check out her website and watch all of her videos on YouTube. It doesn’t look like all the recipes are vegan, but you could veganize them! And then send us the recipe!


Ginger hatred spreads to rest of animal kingdom, confuses me  »

Why all the ginger hate? Growing up, I had crushes on the ruddy-haired boys in my grade. I used to dream of being a redhead myself, even going so far as to dye my hair red in high school (bad choice) and again in college (even redder, even worse choice). Thus I cannot understand why even seals cannot tolerate this hue: A pod shunned its own pup because he was born with reddish-brown fur and blue eyes. Look at those peepers! And they can’t see you because he’s mostly blind! Poor guy’s got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one! Anyway, he was adopted by a human much nicer than those jerkface seals who spawned him. It’s unlikely he’ll have as much success being reintegrated with his family as the featherless penguin, but at least he’ll have someone who loves him! And a Twitter account, which *ahem* is following moi. Seriously, though, what’s up with ginger hate? Anyone?? [Photo credit: Caters News Agency]


Police academy hangs dog from flagpole, Mexico gets PISSED  »

These pictures surfaced on Twitter last night along with a gagillion tweets with the hashtag #cachorroneza (Neza puppy) denouncing the abuse of the poor pup. Who would do that to a puppy? Mexico is pissed! The location of the flagpole has been identified as Colegio de la Agencia de Seguridad Estatal in the city of Neza, Mexico. What I can gather from google translate (my Spanish is rusty!), that’s a private* police academy.

Some news sources have covered the story but there’s been no explanation from the school about WTF happened. They are however now aware of the power of social media to get the word out! It’s a great tool for civil unrest, is it not?

As terrible as this action is, the reaction from the public makes me feel hopeful that there are good people in the world who don’t think you can just do whatever you want to an animal. Go Mexico! Go Twitter!

I hope you are safe now, cachorro Neza, but I worry you are not. I will wish for the best though! You deserve a nice family and a warm bed.

*Update: Readers have told me it’s public and run by the government. Awful!

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