Surprise! “Humane” hatchery grinds up baby birds  »

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Well, happy morning. Compassion Over Killing has a new undercover video showing the true cruelty of this “humane” hatchery. I watched the video, it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s really sad. Poor baby chicks. From COK:

According to Bell & Evans’ website, its animal welfare standard “insures [sic] all of our chickens are humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment, throughout their lives.” A video posted on the company’s site further explains that in its hatcheries, the newly-hatched “peeps” are “carefully sorted from their shells,” then counted and “placed” in baskets headed for their new “home.”

Sadly, what our investigator witnessed and documented tells a different story. Inside this Bell & Evans facility, where an estimated 20 million baby birds are hatched each year, our video shows chicks being treated like mere inanimate objects:

  • Baby birds who are sick, injured, or otherwise deemed unfit for processing being dumped into a grinder while fully conscious
  • Hours-old chicks jostled from machine to machine in a highly mechanized process
  • Chicks with bloody, open wounds or other apparent injuries, deformities, or illnesses
  • Dead chicks, who did not survive this harsh process, left in baskets with live birds

Watch our video and you decide – does this look humane or compassionate to you?

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Cruelty at UK pig farm East Anglian Pig Co. caught on camera by Animal Equality. This receives our coveted Graphic as Fuck rating. Not for the faint of heart—I only made it about 45 seconds in. It’s rough. Little piglets being slammed on the ground and awful stuff like that. But the shot of the sheer chaos of overcrowded pigs screaming bloody murder is pretty rough too.

Fucking nuts. They can be stuffed like packing peanuts in an outdoor pen just as easily as indoors in some warehouse. Is this considered free-range?

Sign the petition to prosecute these fuckers


Caboodle Ranch: Cute sanctuary is more like a nightmare  »

I wrote about the Caboodle Ranch before because it looked like a wonderful place. Thanks to Peta, I now know differently; Caboodle Ranch is really another sad hoarding situation. You can see in the video below that many cats were found in just shocking condition. Don’t watch the video if you are scared, it’s pretty sad.

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The cats are being seized and Caboodle’s owner is facing criminal charges for animal cruelty.

From Peta:

PETA’s video shows that [founder and operator Craig] Grant denied cats effective veterinary care for rampant upper-respiratory infections, sometimes with fatal consequences. PETA’s investigator routinely brought to Grant’s attention the suffering of individual cats at the facility, but requests and offers to rush even dying cats for emergency medical attention were often dismissed. Grant left Lilly, whose iris protruded through a ruptured cornea, to deteriorate for four months. She lost vision in the eye and became critically ill. Lilly died, without veterinary care, on January 31.

PETA’s investigation found that Grant allowed cats who were sick with fatal, contagious illnesses to roam freely and come into contact with cats not known to be ill; that cats were easily able to escape the facility’s perimeter fence; that Grant roughly rubbed cats’ faces with Clorox wipes to “clean” them; that Grant intentionally hid cats who were in obvious need of medical care that he was not providing; that cats had gnats and other insects swarming around them and were forced to endure disgusting living areas covered with vomit, trash, and waste and infested with roaches and maggots; and that Grant allowed cats to breed. In addition, cats’ remains were left to rot on the facility’s grounds—PETA’s investigator found bones in the woods on Grant’s property.

What a sad state of affairs. I guess the owner should have spent less time building mini churches and more time actually caring for the cats.


Warning: scary video. This is a recent video from Animal Equality reveals cruelty at a pig farm in Spain. For those who don’t want to watch it, basically it’s pigs being stabbed with swords. Towards the end it gets super graphic while a pig is disemboweled. Yeah, not for the faint of heart. 

Three of the workers in the footage have been arrested. I haven’t heard anything about supervisors getting in trouble but according to Animal Equality:

Animal Equality has found that these events occur frequently on the farm El Escobar owned by Francisco Vera Sanchez, and that the farm managers are aware of this. In fact it is they who request these actions, have been filmed engaging in them, and have established these methods as the norm for killing animals at the farm.

El Pozo, the company said to be the retailer for this pig farm, seems to be a very big brand in Spain. It is also readily available in the UK. I can’t tell if it’s imported in large amounts to the US. 

Are animal farms the same all over the world

Share this fun video with all the bacon lovers you know! If they want to enjoy their fried muscle and fat, they should at least be witness to where it comes from.

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