Preorder for Vaute’s fall collection starts TODAY!   »


IN A FEW HOURS THE NEW VAUTE WILL BE ON SALE! When they announce the preorder start (prob on their facebook), you can go to this link and the new shiz will be up! 

As you know, Vaute coats are not cheap. Because they are well-made, sustainably sourced and not assembled by children. BUT as you also should know, preorder is THE time to get your Vaute coat! (and your hat—they have hats now!) Because those babies are hella on sale! And preorder funds the production of the entire line so you help Vaute make more stuff and you get a big ol’ discount. 


According to Leanne:

Pricing is 50% off outerwear (including our most requested Lincoln coat, which is head to toe insulated, I wore it for miles each day in the vortex last winter!) today at launch time for 24 hours. And Hats will be $120, but $85 for first 24 hours too.

Our new WonderFelt looks like pressed wool felt, but is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, crafted in USA. And we made hats out of it too! Handblocked one at a time in one of NYC’s last hat factories using the original vintage molds, and insulated too so they’re super warm.
Coats this season are made in my hometown Chicago!

Let’s go over the finer points:

-50% off coats
-Vegan wool felt made from recycled bottles
-Hats made at a NYC hat factory from vintage molds

Um, I’m sold! You better get your coat and hat before I buy everything. Because I look SO GOOD in hats, believe that. My whole family does. Some sort of DNA thing. Science. 

Also, look at this new dress Leanne sent a pic of:

imageI die. 


Giveaway: THREE months of NEW animal-friendly Vaute tops!  »


Yes! It’s our best giveaway ever! Vaute has a new membership program, [love, Vaute], and to celebrate, we are giving away a three month membership! That means up to six Vaute tops for our lucky winner!

[love, Vaute] was created because, as you may already know, new Vaute stuff sells out so fast! So to reward their best customers, you can now get a membership that gives you a nice discount PLUS first dibs on new shirts before they go public! And there will be brand new designs launched each month, including two dedicated to Vaute’s favorite nonprofits.


This month’s top, benefiting Born Free!

Let me explain the program. You sign up for one of three options: a monthly subscription (two tanks or tees OR one long-sleeve shirt a month), a year-long subscription of new tops each month, or a 10-pack of tops to choose over a year. Like I said, when new designs come out, you will get first dibs before they go public. You’ll have a week to pick your tops (or they will pick for you if you want!) before they go on sale for everybody. 

After you sign up for one of the three membership plans, you take the membership quiz, this helps inform future designs or what they select for you if you don’t want to choose your own. Then, every month when the new designs come out, Vaute will email you a link to the pre-sale store and you get to pick your monthly designs! FUN TIMES!

imageLeanne designed this top for Earth Day New York and their kids organic garden program: Lettuce Grow a Beautiful World!

Ok down to the giveaway! Vegansaurus is giving away a THREE-month [love, Vaute] membership! That means early access to choose free tops (two tanks or tees OR one long sleeve a month) for three whole months!

To win! Answer one or both of these questions:

1. What sold-out top would you like Vaute to bring back most and why?
2. What specific animal or nonprofit would you like Vaute to create a design for in the next few months, and why?

Leave your answer in the comments on this post and we will pick a winner by 5 p.m. EST next Tuesday, May 27! We will email the winner Tuesday/Wednesday. 

UPDATE: It’s open internationally! Yay!

Guys, this is so exciting. I want to enter! But I won’t. But you guys can! Ok, go!



New York Fashion Week gets vegan with Vaute!  »


I had such a wonderful time at the Vaute NYC Fashion Week show! I even brought my nice lil’ point-and-shoot so I could get some sweet pictures for you guys.

Leanne says the collection was inspired by Sailor Moon so I was expecting a lot of wackiness, but it was actually rather understated. But there were a lot of fun little details like the heart cutout in the dress below and various interesting buttons and such. There was a lot of purple like the jacket above—I’m in love with purple so I’m stoked about that. Purple is just flattering on practically everyone. Or…at least on me! But yes, purple was the dominant color surrounded by variations of white and beige. 


I love the sweater below so much. I love the shoulders and sleeves and it’s hard to see but there’s this little abstract silver design on the front. So great.


There was plenty of menswear as well. And look who I saw, my friend David Raphael Hildebrand was in the show! Did you know this multi-talented author/model/Pisces is now writing pieces for The Discerning Brute? Well he is. Joshua Katcher was of course at the show as well and I believe those are a pair of his Brave GentleMan shoes on David. 


The Humane Society of New York represented at the show and brought doggie models! ADOPTABLE doggie models! Look at the handsome lady below. What a cutie!


Pup model backstage:


Here’s more purple:


The picture below is terrible but I wanted to show you the cute star cutout on the back of the purple dress. 


Leanne was obviously the woman of the hour so I wasn’t able to get that close for a pic but here she is posing with some of the models. I absolutely love the dress she wore, all red with its little heart cutout. 


The quotes they’re holding in the picture are all from Sailor Moon. I’m not sure I ever watched that show but Leanne was telling me all about it recently. Apparently the girl gets to be Sailor Moon because she rescues a stray cat from some neighborhood bullies? So AR. 

In summary, I think the first-ever vegan NYC Fashion Week show was a hit! Rescue pups, sweets from Vegan Treats, and amazing clothes! Leanne is really helping to usher us vegans into a new era, one in which omnivores envy us instead of ostracize us. Fashion may not be your thing but it is a lot of people’s thing and if veganism is going to solidify its place in mainstream culture, it’s one arena we need to tackle. I think we are well on our way! The future is bright, my friends. 

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