“ The holiday potluck may seem like an innocent, inexpensive way to throw a party, where friends and colleagues can share favorite recipes, savor an unusual dish or indulge a sweet tooth. But for some people, it’s a minefield of food-poisoning bacteria waiting to wreak havoc. „

The LA TImes is ‘Grossed out by Holiday Potlucks’. We at Vegansaurus would like to point out that at vegan potlucks—the best potlucks of all!—there is little to no risk of contracting food poisoning, as neither the dishes nor the kitchens they were prepared in are carriers of bacteria from dead animals.

(When we are feeling particularly vicious and sad, we like to think of food poisoning as punishment for eating animal bodies, such that meat = suffering for them and you. But that’s just between you and us and the wall.)

Host a vegan potluck! You will eat all sorts of delicious food, and your fears of dying of Salmonella poisoning will be (nearly) unfounded. Vegansaurus is proud to be the online home of San Francisco’s own Vegan Brunch Cartel.

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