So necessary: ugly feather shorts!  »

Who doesn’t need ugly feather shorts? Originally $545, these are on sale for $218—HUZZAH! Basically, you’re losing money if you don’t buy them.

I can’t find a ton of info on ostrich feathers and cruelty but everyone seems to be in agreement that they are plucked while the birds are alive. Here’s a bit from Veg for Life:

Contrary to what you would like to think, these feathers do not fall out naturally; the feathers are either plucked while the bird is still alive or removed after the bird is slaughtered.

Ostriches, raised for their meat, leather, eggs, and feathers, naturally roam the open plains and live upwards of 75 years. Farmed ostriches are confined to small spaces, often indoors, and slaughtered at only 12 to 14 months.

So, that’s not so great. BUT THEY’RE ON SALE! I’m sure the birds appreciate that.

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