I didn’t make it to Veg Speed Dating at Saturn Cafe as I seem resistant to anything not resembling dying alone and being eaten by my cat, surrounded by take-out and delivery boxes in my mess of an apartment. It looks like it was a fun time, as showcased by Eco-gal, who made this snazzy little video of the shenanigans that went down.

My friend Mike (we’re friends, right? Even if we’ve only commented on each others blogs?) attended and does not only have a starring role in the vid (check out the 2:01 mark) he also had very positive (read:not terrifying) things to say:

I thought the event was amazing. There was enough VegENERGY (like that? new word) in the room to turn Emeril vegan! In all seriousness, there were a ton of really wonderful people at the event, and Karen Brighten did a fabulous job setting it up.

Even though there was a wide range of ages, it was fun to have platonic conversations with fellow compassionate humans. Often times, I feel super alone and jaded that I don’t have more vegan friends. It was so nice to have a conversation that didn’t start with, “So, where do you get your protein?” If there is another event in the future, then I will totally be there! Unless, a certain someone snags me off the market!

Ladies?! Who needs speed dating?! I’ll be your personal vegan matchmaker! I’ve watched enough Millionaire Matchmaker to know what I’m doing. Just kidding, Karine, I’m totally at your next event.


This is a post for the single males out there!  »

OK guys, normally I’m not this desperate (lie), but I really need you! Actually, Karine Brighten needs you to sign up for Veg Speed Dating on Aug. 3 in Berkeley! Dudes, I know you like free shit, so here’s the deal: on Facebook, “like” Karine Brighten Events, then leave a comment saying you want a ticket; or on Twitter, follow KBrightenEvents and then tweet her up to let her know you want a ticket. You can even “like” Vegansaurus on Facebook and follow us on Twitter—don’t you love us?—then tell Karine Brighten’s Facebook or Twitter you did so AND WANT A TICKET!

Basically, all you have to do is tell her that you are breathing and able to use the internet to win a free ticket! Also be: single, between the ages of 21 and 50, into the ladies—some rules apply. If we click at the event I don’t want to hear about your complicated relationship, OK?

Contest open till Saturday, July 30 Sunday, July 31! Veg Speed Dating will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 3 from 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Saturn Cafe in Berkeley. BE THERE.


Hey single veg males! Win a ticket to Veg Speed Dating in August!  »

Are you a vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious male? Over 21 but under 50? Single? Interested in girls? YOU ARE?! Well, I’m available!

Not only is there the possibility for you to score a hot date with me, but if you meet the aforementioned criteria, you could win a free ticket to Karine Brighten’s Speed Dating Event at Saturn Cafe in Berkeley!

There are two ways to win, both which involve having a Facebook account and one requiring Twitter. Ready boys? I Am Veganlicious is holding a giveaway in which you have to like: the comment on Facebook regarding the event; and the comment on the San Francisco Bay Area Vegan Events page. Full details here.

Karine Brighten is also holding a similar giveaway; follow her on Twitter and mention the event, or “like” her Facebook page and leave a comment! I totes won a Vegan Essentials gift certificate from her in the past, and I have no luck whatsoever! Do it single boys!

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