Mission Bowling Club serving up MISSION VEGAN BURGER  »

There’s a new bowling place in the Mission that has half an alley and is always too crowded but seriously, here’s the only thing that matters:

YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT DAMN THING. Hint: It’s positively. I’ll put up with any amount of awful people who look just like me but skinnier and in uglier outfits* to eat one. Let’s do this.

*I’ve got style. Also, pretty!


HUGE NEWS: Vegan Mission Burger is back TONIGHT for one night only!  »

You all know how much we loved the Vegan Mission Burger while it was still around and if you don’t, you can read the insane tale of our mutual love here. I don’t think I’ve written so passionately about anything in my life, and I’m a very sensual person.

Well, TONIGHT, it is back for one night only! Along with drinks and Berlin-style Ping Pong, which we have no clue what it is but Allan from Mission Mission FUCKING LOVES IT so it must be alright. 

About the Vegan Mission Burger, Allan writes:

ALSO: on this night there will be VEGAN MISSION BURGERS. Which are hella good. Like possibly even better than the meat versions BECAUSE THEY ARE EPICLY AWESOME.

So let’s all get up on it? It’s tonight at the Noise Pop Pop-Up at The Bold Italic HQ. Confused? For all the details, check out the Facebook wall and LET’S EAT.


Seven best Bay Area veggie burgers & Mission Burger’s vegan burger recipe! BURGERS!  »

Obviously I’m trying to optimize SEO for anyone searching for “burger” and when I do things, I go big or go home! So usually I just go home but today: GOOGLE BETTER WATCH ITS BACK.

Anyway! I wrote some stuff up for SFoodie, first being (WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE) the seven best veggie burgers in the Bay Area. Next: a cobbled-together recipe for the dearly departed Mission Vegan Burger. I got the recipe from the nice dudes at Mission Street Food, and then tried to scale it down because that shit was originally for 70 patties and lord knows I can EAT but 70? Touché, Mission Street Food dudes. Touché. Oooh, perhaps we sell them at the next SF Vegan Bakesale?? We just need an industrial deep fryer. You got one? Wanna be my boyfriend?* Please note: if you have one and bring it to the sale, I WILL steal it. OMG, I’ll be deep-frying errrthang in site. You’ll be like, “Laura, where did you go?” and I’ll be all, “Oh sorry, I was just deep-frying my face!” Except I’ll probably be deep-frying a candy bar because ew, health code violation!

Please forgive me, it’s been a rough day. Take us away, picture of the Plant Burger (which may or may be on the list)!
photo from Ed U. on Yelp via SFoodie!

*Sorry, Jonas! I’m sure you understand, you’d do the same to me. It’s either leave or be left, baby!

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