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This week in vegan blogs!

1. All beef and no soy make Johnny a Dull Boy: how to take a vegan to Johnny Rockets and not have them plot your death afterwards.

2. San Francisco Veg Fest: Hot veggies (and some hippies, let’s be real here) take over the San Francisco County Fair Building for food, fun and uh, belly dancing? Our friend Sugar Beat Sweets will have a booth. Find out the whole schedule here!

3. On Being a “Flexitarian”: A discussion of a meaningless term!

4. Vegan MoFo Is Upon Us!: VeganSaurus is participating in the PPK's month o' food vegan blog fest for the month of October! Check out all the other blogs participating and if anyone can tell us how to add the Bloglines feed to Google Reader (the preferred RSS reader for the Vegansaurus crew), we would cover you in vegan-friendly kisses.

And now, our favorite cute animal picture of the week…


Product review: So Delicious coconut yogurt!  »

Well, the philanthropist geniuses over at Turtle Mountain are at it again!* Having brought us delicious soy yogurts and soy creams for years, they now bring something to the market I’ve never had before, COCONUT YOGURT. And it’s good. It’s REAL good. That was meant to sound slightly creepy.

Flavors currently available are vanilla—THE VERY BEST, eat this all the time! Eat it alone, put it on granola, top it with berries, pour it on your genitals, WHATEVER IT TAKES JUST GET IT INTO YOUR BODY; plain—good but probably best as a base for a sauce or in cakes, etc.; blueberry—delicious blueberry yogurt; raspberry—delicious raspberry yogurt; and then some more adventurous mixes that involve mango and passion fruit and whatnot that are decent, but I am not one for tropical-flavored anything, it always tastes like tropical-fruit-flavored Skittles, which always tasted like gross to me. But I ain’t the boss of you, maybe you like gross!

I’ve only seen these for sale at Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery (where one day I hope to be buried in the baked goods section), and other specialty health food stores, and they are around $2 for a 6oz container (roughly 150 calories, depending on the flavor). Oh and vegans, each serving has 30 percent of your daily intake for B12! What what!

*I know, this expression is super-obnoxious, I just can’t help myself! I love how it sounds!

[photo via So Delicious]

Review: Blue Front Cafe!  »

Blue Front isn’t just in the Haight, it’s on Haight Street, so all the food is a little pricier than you’d like. The wraps are chock-full of deliciousness, however, and the texture and tang of the hummus is incomparable. I mean, for serious. I hear the gyros are good, but not being a meat-eater, I can’t vouch for them.

The vegetarian selections are bountiful and tasty. The avocado has always been buttery and perfectly ripe—no one likes a hard avocado, after all—and that spicy orange-colored sauce is delightful. The garden salad is huge and a good price. Get falafel in a pita with some dolmas to go and stop off at the New Lite Market for a six-pack, and there’s your night.

When I lived in the Haight, a trip to Blue Front and back took me maybe 15 minutes round trip, and this was before I learned to call ahead to avoid waiting inside. I don’t know that I ever properly appreciated having such a quality “Mediterranean for the undiscerning Occidental” cafĂ© so close to my front door, but, hindsight. The owners are Greek Orthodox dudes from Jerusalem, and you must love them for adapting their cuisine to your international palate. Or at least, the palate your parents created when they gave two-year-old you a bunch of food in a plastic plate with inch-high sides and let you mix it all up and eat it as a huge mush of flavors. You see? They know and love you; that’s why you can get a wrap with hummus, avocado, falafel, lettuce, tomato, and dolmas.

I advise getting any of their vegetarian wraps except the one with cheese, which I have never tried and do not advocate on account of its not being vegan. Make liberal use of the orange sauce; it will help you forget that you are paying $1 to $2 more for your food than you would were you not on Haight Street, but sometimes figurative costs do have literal translations, and this is one of them.

[photo via yelp]

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