Crazy parents kill baby, happen to be vegan  »

This is just a horrendously sad story and to make it even worse, these motherfuckers are vegan. Great. And, of course, when the news covers it, every headline screams VEGANS KILL BABY. I can’t wait for the shitstorm of crap press that’s gonna come veganism’s way from this horrific tragedy. Here’s the thing:¬†These parents didn’t kill their baby because they’re vegan, they killed their baby because they’re VERY VERY CRAZY.

These people also didn’t bathe their baby and treated the¬†baby’s bronchitis with poultices of cabbage, mustard oil and camphor. NOTHING to do with veganism, everything to do with crazy. I just don’t have any faith that the public will see anything but VEGANS KILL BABY, and we’ll keep hearing about it for years and years whenever the topic of whether or not you can have a healthy vegan baby. Answer: you can. Perhaps this should be a cry for help for increased availability of mental health programs?
Now, here is a ridiculously cute kid in an Herbivore Clothing shirt. Tell me that kid isn’t the picture of health/about to be kidnapped by me. EITHER WAY: You’d be wrong! Speaking of adorable vegan kids, BABY LEGWARMERS Y’ALL.

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