Vegan Black Metal Chef returns with episode 13: vegan lasagna! Have you ever chopped mushrooms with an axe? (Is that an axe?) Then you haven’t chopped a mushroom, friend.

I will note that adding salt to boiling water doesn’t help your noodles boil any faster, so save your NaCl for the rest of the recipe. Now let’s get cooking!


Vegan Black Metal Chef is back with a second video! This time he’s making a few different dishes. To be honest, I haven’t watched it yet (I’ve got this thing called WORK, people!), so you tell me what you think!

Also Wired* has an interview with him! I guess we know what it takes to get some mainstream attention for being vegan now. Way to go, Brian Manowitz. Well-played.

*Disclosure: I work at Wired but had nothing to do with this, I swear.


That’s the Vegan Black Metal Chef. This video was emailed to us by five awesome people so even though it’s a little long and black metal has some terrible, nightmarish associations, we must post it. This dude is obviously awesome and hilarious and not a creepy racist sociopath so in solidarity we scream: CILANTRO!!

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