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Always a controversial topic, let’s discuss vegan cats. I want to adopt some cats, but I’m torn about what to feed them. I don’t want them to get sick but I don’t want to pay for someone to kill animals so I can feed my animals! And whenever we talk about vegan cats, a million people (generally with no veterinary or nutrition background, of course) say it’s unhealthy. But one reader was like, “um, that’s what everyone says about vegan people, and it’s false.” So maybe it is just ignorance that makes me question the health of feeding a cat vegan food? I mean, they do have vegan cat foods that account for vitamin A and taurine. 

I’ve been reading up on vegan cats and PETA had this to say

Cats are often more finicky than dogs, and their nutritional requirements are more complicated. Cats need a considerable amount of vitamin A, which they cannot biosynthesize from carotene, as dogs and humans do. Insufficient amounts may cause loss of hearing as well as problems with skin, bones, and intestinal and reproductive systems. Cats also need taurine. A feline lacking taurine can lose eyesight and could develop cardiomyopathy. Commercial pet-food companies often add taurine obtained from mollusks. James Peden found vegetarian sources of both taurine and vitamin A, plus arachidonic acid, another essential feline nutrient. He then developed veterinarian-approved supplements Vegecat™ and Vegekit™ to add to his recipes.

Maybe it’s like anything else: You have to be diligent about your pet’s health and make sure they are getting all the proper nutrients. I would do that even if I wasn’t vegan!

My ultimate question: Who has a vegan cat? Can you share your experiences? I also have to admit I’m worried about being bullied by my vet! Has anyone found a supportive vet?

And please hold the “it’s not natural!!!” comments. Going to the grocery store and buying commercial cat food is far from “natural.”

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