Jeff Mangum is VEGAN!? And he’s on TOUR!? Get a rope!  »

You know, so we can all tie him up and marry him. The genius man-boy behind every hip-and-cool person’s favorite band Neutral Milk Hotel* is on tour, which is something he hardly ever does. Except for the animals BECAUSE HE’S AN AWESOME VEGAN. Of course he is! Look at him cuddle that chicken! I can’t wait for him to perform at our wedding when I marry him!

Because I think we should all get to marry him. I think he’ll love that because he’s not an intensely private person, or anything. You can’t escape love, Jeff. Especially when it clubs you on the head and keeps you hostage in an XL dog crate in the basement. 

So, let’s all go see him! Tickets are on pre-sale now but the password is “layover” so SEE YOU THERE.

Finally, no disrespect, but I totally think Jim Carrey could play him in his biopic. Okay, I guess that was a little disrespect.

*who isn’t Azealia Banks. Lick those gums, lady! Really get in there! Also, love when she does the fake stairs thing. Also, don’t watch this if you hate swears because SHE LOVES SWEARS. 


Countless reasons to love Emily Deschanel today!  »

I think Emily Deschanel might be my favorite celeb vegan these days. Why, in no particular order:

A.) She comes off very articulate and super-intelligent
B.) Her deadpan sense of humor is hysterical.
C.) Her little sis is Zooey Deschanel, who may not be vegan, but adores and spreads the word about Babycakes, and has the most perfect bangs ever (among many other things).

My new obsession began when I stumbled across the first episode of Order, She Wrote, featured on Hello Giggles.

I’ll come over for a straw-mat-sitting, eating-with-my-hands, raw-vegan-dinner, Emily! CALL ME.

Then, because I am a stalker (Seriously beware, you guys. My expertise scares even myself. Just kidding! Don’t block me from seeing your tweets!) I looked for more Emily Deschanel videos on YouTube. I found this one:

It’s no secret I’m not the biggest fan of PETA, but there are exceptions to every rule! I love that this video is simple, straightforward and gets to the point. Plus, Emily Deschanel is a vegan, so I can totally get behind the believability of this one.

Who needs US Weekly?

Your Vegan Celebrity Correspondent

[Can’t see the videos? Watch them on Vegansaurus!]


Any Howard Stern fans in the house? It’s OK. You can admit. This is a Stern-safe space—at least my posts are!

For various reasons, I have a very soft spot in my heart for Howard Stern. I’m pretty sure I learned everything I needed to know about the world listening to his radio show in high school. And, my dad works in his building and says he is a very generous Christmas tipper. Despite his many shortcomings, Stern is A-OK with me. 

So of course I can’t help but link you all to his on-air partner Robin Quiver’s upcoming vegan cooking show, Vegucating Robin. Robin became vegan in 2007; she even eats vegan at such meaty institutions like Per Se!


Dude, Janet Jackson is (almost? or is?) vegan!? And she loves eating at vegan restaurants! I had no idea! Ms. Jackson’s (‘cause I’m nasty!) music has gotten me through many rough times, namely middle school through present day. Anyway, she was on Jay “I am your grandfather but worse because we’re not related and I have a fucking tv show” Leno last night talking about all her favorite vegan restaurants, she loves Vegan Glory (she loves the tacos and chicken nuggets!) in Los Angeles and Red Bamboo (she loves the chicken parmesan!) in New York City. She is so very adorable and Jay Leno is THE WORST OMG GRANDPA GET OFF THE AIR.

Now, please excuse me while I go listen to "If" a million times. OMG, let’s totally talk about favorite Janet songs now. What’s yours!? There was a point in middle school when I dressed all in black and ran around my house acting out the entire Rhythm Nation album. There was definitely some moves during “Black Cat” that were not PG-13 and I think I might have dry-humped a couch at one point? My parents must have been entirely checked out for the majority of my childhood because how was I not institutionalized!? 


Alyssa Milano transforms herself into “Jersey Shore” cast member  »

Alyssa Milano, who we think is vegan (though not even Google knows the right answer! why can’t we ever tell with actresses! I guess it just depends on what diet their trainers has them on) but who is definitely a vegetarian and friend to animals, just did a video for Funny or Die about what would happen if she were to become a guidette on the new MTV show "Jersey Shore.” It pretty much ends exactly like you think it would.

Alyssa Milano’s Evolution: Jersey Shore.

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