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imageYour Vegansaurus loves (vegan, fair trade, organic) chocolate, and your Vegansaurus loves almond butter, so when the lovely people of Buddha Chocolate offered to send us a sample two-pack of their fancy gourmet cups, you know we took them up on it.


I cut one in half to share with whoever else was in the apartment that day, namely one of my roommates, her boyfriend, and my brother, all omnivores.

The results were … mixed. While the chocolate was rich, the almond butter was dry and crumbly. The omnis all said they could “tell” the chocolate was vegan; I haven’t had dairy chocolate in like seven years, so I wasn’t really sure what they were tasting that I wasn’t (or vice versa?).

I suspected user error, though—they’d gone from a hot package in the mail to the fridge, and then right back out to a hot apartment—and the second one I let sit on the counter a while before eating it. Much better. The almond butter was softer, the chocolate melted into it, and it was really satisfying. Not too sweet, so you could totally eat one for breakfast (seriously, the fat and protein? Awesome to start the day) if you didn’t want to wait till dessert.

Buddha Cups are handmade in Brooklyn by a couple of awesome vegans, and are available at select Manhattan and Brooklyn locations, or you can buy them online. They’re like Justin’s, but almondy and harder to get! I recommend them. In fact, I’d eat one right now if I had it.

[Top photo via Buddha Chocolate; second photo by me]


Be still my heart: Love Bar vegan chocolate!  »

You know I’m the resident Philadelphian around here—well I live in New York but I’m still a Philadelphian at heart—so I was super-excited when I saw this chocolate! Love Bar chocolate and I are basically the same person! Just look at the stats: Love Bar, like me, is vegan, from Philadelphia, artsy, and full of fair-trade chocolate. OMG twinsies! I thought Mast Brothers chocolate had some nice wrappers but hot damn, Love Bar is on some next-level sheezy. And now all their wrappers are being printed at Space 1026, the ultra-cool screen-printing collective/studio. They also say they’ll do custom wrappers—is a Vegansaurus series in order?!

From their blog:
We Love: food, community, art, youth, Philly. You’ll find a little of all of those flavors in our chocolate—Love Bar is a community-supported chocolate project believing in the possibilities of business nourishing communities as opposed to exploiting them.

They have two chocolate bars that are both vegan and gluten-free (I know we have some gluten-free peeps in the crowd—I’m always looking out for you! Jeez, I’m the best). To top it off, “10 percent of profits go back to programs that support urban agriculture and/or youth development in Philadelphia.” Um, color me impressed!

I haven’t tried the chocolate yet but trust that I will be picking some up when I’m home for Thanksgiving. They are available at the Fair Food farm stand in the Reading terminal market. Oh, if you go to the Reading terminal market, make sure you stop by Basic Four, the vegetarian spot. Tell them Megan Rascal sent you! Just kidding, don’t really do that.

[Photo of wrapper designed by Joshua Mays via Love Bar blog]


Review: XOX Truffles!  »

I was given a box of truffles from XOX for my birthday last year and fuck me if I haven’t been hooked on these amazing bite sized bonbons since. The vegan flavors are Dark Chocolate, Orange, and Noisette (Hazelnut! in French!). They are rich and creamy and they literally MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. AND ALSO IN YOUR HAND. BE CAREFUL. Just thinking about these things, my mouth waters. And I’m not even really a chocolate person. Actually, I hate when women are like, “Chocolate is better than sex!” Is your name Cathy? Do you have a boyfriend named Irving? GET OUT OF MY FACE. Now, mashed potatoes…that’s another thing. I’d kill a man for some mashed potatoes. I would literally kill a man. I’d probably kill Colonel Sanders. I’d raise that motherfucker from the dead and then re-kill his ass. In fact, I’d love to kill any man involved with the Kentucky Fried Chicken regime, including the man known as Star Jones because I know he was a KFC stockholder at some point (or at least looked like one). I would like to send them all through a slaughterhouse while I take all of the lovely chickens out and we will enjoy big vats of mashed potatoes and have a dance party. It will RULE.
Another man I’d kill for some mashed potatoes is Tobey Maguire. I just don’t like the way that kid looks. He should donate his face to Down Syndrome research. While I’m at it, I’d kill Julia Stiles for a pack of Orbit gum. Seriously, have you seen Mona Lisa Smile? Well, I DID. IN THE THEATER. Ugh, I’ve said too much.

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