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Say hello to Vegan Corner! It’s “building a nexus between vegans and local business!” It’s basically like a much awesomer Yelp for vegans, so I’m pretty pumped. And guess what! There’s an entry for Vegansaurus! I just looked, and we were already on it! But we have no reviews. Give us reviews! But only good ones because Laura’s a cryer. JK! She’s tough as nails! I’m the cryer. But only in my apartment in the dark with the curtains drawn and the mirrors covered. 

They are already up but they are raising funds to be even cooler. I’m into the perks. I want a t-shirt. I need to be less of a rascal and more of a billboard for veganism!


Ever wonder what Yelp would be like without all the “I looooooooove meat” reviews?  »

Wonder no more! Vegan Corner is here!

Vegan Corner is a brand new (as of December 1) website that is basically vegan Yelp. Since it’s brand new, and since its content is largely user supplied, things are looking a little bare there right now, but that’s okay, because we just KNOW that lots of awesome vegans are going to be heading over there are reviewing their little hearts out, RIGHT?

Featuring not only reviews, but also sections for local vegan events, classified ads, a forum, and special offers, the site looks poised to be a seriously useful tool. Plus, instead of having to either click the “vegetarian” button and severely limit your search results or scroll through literally hundreds of raving reviews about chicken wings and sausage, like you do on Yelp, Vegan Corner handily provides categories like “airport life-saver,” “organic produce delivery,” and even has a review section just for animal sanctuaries. NEAT!

This Vegansaur is expecting great things from this little website, so sign up and tell me where to eat!

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