Worldwide Vegan Bakesale: NYC keeps it real!  »

Real delicious, that is!

Ginger cookies, strawberry jam-filled muffins, and maple pecan buttons

The vegans of NYC were in fine form yesterday, appearing en masse at MooShoes in the East Village for yesterday’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, benefiting For the Animals Sanctuary in Blairstown, N.J. The place was packed and there was no shortage of sweet and savory baked yumminess!

Clockwise from top left: rum raisin brownies, peanut butter cheesecake, five-spice snaps, pesto pinwheels, peanut butter s’more turnovers, strawberry jam-filled muffins

I stocked up on obnoxious loudmouthed vegan buttons over by the register, which were nicely accentuated by pear mojito cupcakes and lemon cake,
smiled at all the incredible stories of happy animals featured by For the Animals, and tried on some super cute vegan rings, handmade with all sales towards the Sanctuary.

Vegan superstar and sweetheart Hannah Kaminsky was there with her brilliant baking bible, Vegan Desserts: Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season.

And let’s not forget the amazing shopping experience that is MooShoes—every time I go there, there’s more and more to love.  Talk about inspiration to get rich!
OMG SHOES, and boots, and bags, and wallets.

Yup, a total success. My Tupperware containers left chock-full of pastry goodness, and it’s SUCH an awesome feeling to know where every dollar went.


Harvest Home and Vegansaurus dessert party! You’re coming!  »

This is a reminder! Next Friday, Mar. 11 is the vegan dessert party for Harvest Home Sanctuary! Y’all better be there to eat many delicious vegan desserts and party with the excellent people from Harvest Home Sanctuary

RSVP here and read the last post for more details and put it on your calendar and get ready to EAT and meet other rad vegans making it happen and doing it to it and all that. Yes.

[adorable owl cupcake via *sfw*]


Annals of self-promotion: Laura interviews Carmen Vazquez of Gracias Madre!  »

Remember Brassica Supper Club? Oh, we loved it so much! Did you know that it is now considered defunct? DEFUNCT. Such a sadness. However, you can still eat food made by one-third of Brassica, creative genius Carmen Vasquez, who makes desserts at Gracias Madre! Yes, she makes that flan you can’t stop eating! Our Laura interviewed her for SFoodie blog, and because we love Carmen (and also self-promotion), we’re reposting most of that interview right here!

photo of cashew-milk flan by Gil Riego, Jr. for SF Weekly

Laura Beck: What inspired you to make the flan?

Carmen Vazquez: I can’t really say what inspired the creation of the flan. Ever since I found out about this new organic vegan Mexican restaurant, I knew I wanted to be part of it. I originally wanted to help with the development of the savory menu, but when I realized that was already done, desserts it was. I asked my Latino coworkers for ideas on traditional Mexican desserts and flan was the clear winner. It was a challenge, but I like challenging myself—maybe it’s the reason why I enjoy veganizing dishes no matter how “traditional” or difficult they may seem.

LB: Favorite veg food in the city?
CV: I LOVE our house-made corn tortillas! Wow, I’m a sucker for those things: fresh off the griddle with a couple slices of avocado, a sprinkle of salt, and some fresh ground pepper…it’s the best thing ever! But other than Gracias Madre, I really enjoy Millennium. They’ve really been an inspiration in my culinary career.

Ultimate cooking goals?
I’d like to eventually open up my own place. I’d also like to learn more about ingredients and food I’ve yet to experience. To veganize other traditional dishes. To influence other restaurants to choose organic, local, and sustainable produce. And to inspire non-vegans to make healthy and compassionate choices through food.

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