Fred Eats a Pea! I’m mostly posting this because that dog is ridic. So cute. OK, I think all dogs are cute! But especially this one. And his name is Fred! That’s my dad’s name! PLUS, my dad loves peas! Hilar. 

Looks like they are trying to raise money to make this book big time. Tell the world about vegan dogs!


Ellen Degeneres to make vegan dog food!  »

Seriously, I love this world so much sometimes. It’s nice to know that there’s a celebrity out there doing her thing that’s about as batshit crazy awesome as I am. If I had the means, don’t think you all wouldn’t already be eating my vegan dog food at every meal.

Ellen is the vegan Martha Stewart-meets-Oprah-meets-Ghandi-meets-Justin Timberlake of our time, and I FUCKING LOVE HER! Seriously, before the day is done, she’ll probably have produced several award-winning documentaries on humanitarian crises, bottled several barrels of her own vintage, given Portia a backrub, freaked Usher, and brought running water to Mississipi. God bless.

I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE! Get it, girl.


Spotted at Trader Joe’s: Cookie Butter, vegan dog treats, and organic coconut oil!  »

Just thought you’d all like to know, because cookie spread is ridiculous, and often really hard to find in the United States. Biscoff was spotted at Cost Plus, but there can always be more cookie spread. Always more. Always. Anyone have any cookie spread cake or cookie recipes? Because I’m finna experiment.

Annnnd organic coconut oil is so great for holiday baking and for high-heat cooking and also, spread that shit on some toast and call it a day. OMG, make grilled cheeses with it. Melt it on popcorn! Use it to grease locks and break into your neighbor’s house to steal the cute dog she never walks/smash in her insanely loud sound system! The sky’s the limit!

And finally, check out these cute-ass vegan holiday dog gingerbread men! Trader Joe’s really works it on the packaging and I appreciate the effort. So does Hazel and Toby! Actually, they don’t give a shit about the packaging but they do like the cookies!

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