NYC Vegan Drinks is this Thursday! Party for the animals!  »


Yay NYC Vegan Drinks is here once again! I will be there spinning some dope records as will my main man DJ Grand Format (Ace of Bass fans, this is your night!).


Freakin’ Vegan, empanada-suppliers of Vegan Shop-Up, will be serving up the yum. They announced on FB that they will have a special-just-for-Vegan-Drinks-limited-edition-get-it-while-you-can buffalo chicken empanada, complete with vegan blue cheese dressing! I’ll see if I have room for one of those but you know I first have to try their vegan cheesesteak empanada as you know I am the vegan cheesesteak expert (you know so much stuff). 

And this month benefits Stewie to the Rescue!:

Stewie to the Rescue has two primary goals: Make sure that no pet is ever relinquished to a NYC kill shelter due to the expense of their medical care, and that no rescue group is ever prevented from saving an animal’s life because of a lack of funds when a foster family or adoptive family is available.

As always, there are awesome raffle prizes including gift certificates from Mooshoes, Cinnamon Snail, The Green Radish, and Mercury Bar! So bring your cash money! Proceeds go to Stewie to the Rescue and you could win awesome shiz! 



NYC: Vegan Drinks is tomorrow!!!  »


Vegan Drinks is tomorrow night! Imma be there, will you?! You’d better!

Also, this month benefits Empty Cages Collective and, besides funds, they need towels, blankets, and sheets for the cute animals! So you are encouraged to bring or drop off any of these items to Fontana’s tomorrow night. 

K let’s party!


NYC: Come to Vegan Drinks TONIGHT!  »

Heyo! It’s that time of the month again! And I don’t mean the lady-time! I mean Vegan Drinks! YAY!!!

TONIGHT at FONTANA’S we will be rippin’ and stompin’. Yours truly will be spinning records along with some other peeps and there will be AWESOME raffles! AND VEGAN FOOD from Heirloom Vegan Eatery! Plus, the whole night benefits Darwin Animal Doctors. But when did you ever need an excuse to get boozy?! 

And remember, say hi to me! I’ll be the incredibly attractive one. 


Vegan Drinks NYC Recap: Chickpea & Olive serves the yum!  »


Chickpea & Olive was the food vender for February’s Vegan Drinks last night and boy did they have their act together! The menu was pretty fun because they had polenta bowls and you got to pick from a bunch of toppings. I got slow roasted chickpeas and roasted Brussels. I also got a half of a beet parmesan hero—delish!


And I got one of the cannolis! I’ve never had a cannoli, which everyone thought was absurd, but I just never had one ok! But according to Deb, Vegan Drinks founder, this cannoli was good but a little different as the “shell” (thanks Abby Bean! It’s not called a “cookie thing” guys!) was thicker than it usually is I guess. And the cream had amaretto flavor the girls said—which I thought was just almond extract and very yum as I love almond extract. The chocolate chips were a nice touch too! And I thought cannolis were stuffed with whipped cream but it’s more like custard and I like that much better. 


As you can see, there was a nice turnout! And this was an early pic. And yes that is Deb on the lower left. And yes that is Party Girl on the screen. And yes that movie RULES. So does Deb. And thanks to Jess Davis for organizing and bringing Wild Bird Fund in! I hope they sold some shirts and got some new volunteers. If you want to volunteer (you actually get to handle the birds! Like, for their own good! OMG!), check out their site. You can donate there as well.

Come to the next Vegan Drinks! They are the last Thursday of every month! Follow their FB for reminders

BONUS: Cute goslings at the Wild Bird Fund sanctuary! Pic from their blog:


NYC Vegan Drinks is TONIGHT!  »

Hey friends! As stated, NYC Vegan Drinks is tonight. Yours truly will be there and hopefully Meave too but I’ve been too busy to text and ask (I’m very busy because I’m very important). I will be playing music along with my homeboy BFF Grand Format.

And Bunna Cafe is the food vender this month! Yay! They made a special holiday menu you can see below. Related: Bunna Cafe has a kickstarter to make a real live permanent restaurant! I totes donated so I could get the cooking starter kit. You should too! 

Hope to see you tonight!

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