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I took Meave’s challenge because you DO NOT FUCK WITH MEAVE. I know everyone else is making delicious veggies and shit but you know what I like to say: FUCK A VEGETABLE/IT’S COOKIE TIME/I’M SLEEPY. So, I made stuff with Vegg, the new vegan egg yolk product stuff! Sarah made a realistic fried egg that looked to be the bomb and I had to get in on the action. Here’s what I made.

1. Scrambled Veggs (using the recipe from their website)—really good! I think it tastes like eggs but what do I know? It has that same consistency, and, for lack of a better way to put it/my limited vocabulary, it’s kinda slimy in the way that eggs are? Like, in a good way. Does that make sense? WHO CARES WHAT DO YOU KNOW.

2. Pad Thai (using Chloe Coscarelli’s DELICIOUS recipe, adding in scrambled veggs, subbing the new chili lime cashews from Trader Joe’s—LOVE THESE—for the peanuts and adding Soy Curls!) IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD. Seriously, stop doing everything and make this right now!

3. WAFFLES! These were eggy and funky fresh! We made regular sized ones and then monster ones and we topped them with maple syrup and ginger syrup and organic Earth Balance (We’re weaning off EB until we know more about the palm oil, but we have tubs left…next time I’ll make this coconut butter!) and we FEASTED!

4. Hollandaise sauce (using the recipe from their website)—HOLY SHIT. My mom used to make this every holiday for breakfast and it was always my favorite seasonal treat. This tasted freakishly like the one my mom used to make! I’m gonna invite her over to confirm my findings but I think we can safely say that IT’S ON HOLLANDAISE. 

Sorry for the shitty photos but I’m an amateur, all right! Anyway, A++++ will do business with again, love Vegg, love what it does, it tastes like egg yolk, it has the consistency of egg yolk, and it’s versatile! I’m gonna make a custard next, and then who knows?! The sky is the limit! Or, my pants size is the limit! LET’S GO. 


Sneak preview: The Vegg!!!  »

I don’t even know where to start with this, but I need it. I miss fried eggs, for real—the way I could mop up the still-liquid part of the yolk with my toast and cover the whites with pepper. Sorry for grossing you out.

For the past six years I’ve been hurting for a fried egg substitute. I’m gonna give you more info as soon as I get it, but the world needs to know about this sooner rather than later. You should sign up and like that shit on Facebook and donate (at press time, they had only raised $2,080 of an $8,000 goal toward the Vegg’s patent) in order to convince the Vegg people to move it along now.

I will serve this shit up with the vegan waffles I made today and some freakin’ smoky tempeh strips, or perhaps make Veggs-in-a-frame and start a vegan brunch cafe and have the most friends ever. What do you think?

[Photo credit: Vegg’s Facebook page]

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