Oprah’s Vegan Starter Kit  »

Besides big ups for calling so much attention to veganism, can we also give Oprah’s vegan challenge credit for bringing some solid graphic design up in here? So colorful! Because vegan graphic design is not always the best—and that stuff is important. It took me about two years to finally try the Ener-G egg replacer I bought because the crazy ’70s box scared me so much. I’m so serious.

As the picture suggests, Oprah has posted a vegan starter kit on her site! It has meal plans, shopping lists, all that good stuff. Not to mention,  a “vegan IQ” quiz! Umm, I got three out of six correct. That’s a 50 percent. That’s an F. I’m a vegan failure!

Take the quiz and tell me what you get. It’s not that I want you to do worse than me, I just want you to do worse than me.

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