Be on TV and eat free vegan sandwiches on Friday at Ike’s SFSU!  »

Okay, fame whores and people who love free shit (you should all still be reading): Ike’s SFSU is going to be on Vegan Kitchen TV on Friday, April 27, with free vegan samples from 3 to 4 p.m. Ike himself has kindly invited us all down to eat, drink and GET DISCOVERED! All right!

I’ve heard some rumors that Ike is serving non-vegan food to vegans, and that’s not true. He uses Tofurky, vegan meatballs, and Viana vegan chicken. There was a short period of time when the company making their vegan chicken went out of business, and during that time, they served Tofurky in its place. Ike’s has always been crazy sexy cool (read: honest) with me about the sandwich ingredients, and I’m so thankful that they’ve brought their gluten-y goodness to the vegans!

So, feel free to eat your Ike’s with abandon, and let’s get on the fast track to type 2 diabetes, and FAME. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

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