Mac n’ Cheese Wars! We need a vegan to represent!  »

Fuck those self-described “foodie” asshats, a vegan should win this shiz.

Details come from the awesome kkr:

"I encourage entries, email to enter. ¬†free to compete and there are lots of prizes like restaurant and grocery store gift certificates, omnivore books gift certificates, food goodies and CASH MONEY.”

Obvs there is no reason to attend unless you’re there killing it with your amazing vegan mac n’ cheese recipe. Back before there was even Vegansaurus, Vegansaurus hosted a Vegan Mac and Cheese BAKE-OFF. The identity of the winner has been lost to the selective memory of time, tragic. EXCEPT THAT IT WASN’T. THAT IS CORRECT I WAS THE WINNER SUCK ON THAT ETC ETC.

Word on the street is that one of the judges is very vegan-friendly so hey, there’s that. Here’s to hoping the next food war doesn’t involve pus and mucus from a tortured cow’s teat! OH LAURA, YOU JUDGEMENTAL VEGAN HOOKER blah blah blah.

Additional reporting that makes more sense over at Mission Mission.

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