Vegan superhero Terry Hope Romero has a cooking show! Coming to your eyeballs this fall!  »

TV is the best! You guys! One of our national treasures, PBS, has teamed up with another of our national treasures, Ms. Terry Hope Romero, and two other vegan wunderfrauen, Toni Fiore (of Totally Vegetarian) and Miyoko Schinner, to create Vegan Mashup, an all-vegan cooking show! The world is our oyster mushroom!

The Portland Press Herald has a great article about it that makes us wish summer were over already and we could be watching Terry in our homes all the time. Laura and I met her at last year’s VidaVeganCon and she’s the prettiest funniest best! If the Bay Area PBS affiliate, KQED, doesn’t pick up Vegan Mashup, I swear we will riot in the streets. We know where your headquarters are and we aren’t afraid to sit in. San Francisco autumns are totally mild, we could carry on for weeks. That’s conditional “could.”

The point is, we are really looking forward to this, and if you want to see it, maybe you should contact your local PBS carrier and demand television justice! The vegan revolution is coming, and it involves HD shots of ladies plating tacos!

[Photo by Avery Yale Kamila for the Portland Press Herald]

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