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Let me be real with you: I am not a fan of metal. Or jazz. Or any combination of the two (with the exception of Diamanda Galas. Shriek shriek shriek). I also don’t like new things. But I like Ani Kyd, and here’s why.

Kyd’s new EP Entangle is gorgeous. Kyd’s voice is strong and commanding, the soundscapes are lush (as in forest, not as in me on a Friday night), and the songs are memorable without being too catchy (this is a thing) or too cloying. I probably won’t be singing “it’s like a viruuusss” out loud at the grocery store (like that one time I sang Call me Maybe at Andronico’s because I thought it was on the radio but it was only on in the radio of my mind) but I am pleased when it comes into my head, reminding me to give the album another listen. I am also autopsied by how accessible the music is, especially considering how complex the sounds are and Kyd’s history of recording metal and jazz.

Don’t trust me? (That’s cool, no one does. I’m pretty shifty.) Take a listen for yourself.

Aside from creating an awesome EP (and Kyd has a pretty impressive body of work, otherwise. Check out Evil Needs Candy Too on iTunes), Kyd also hosts a vegan video series where she and her non-vegan (the horror!) co-host travel the country by motorcycle looking for the best vegan products. Yes! Let’s do this!

You can find the EP on iTunes. You can find Ani Kyd all over the world on a motorcycle!


Jeff Mangum is VEGAN!? And he’s on TOUR!? Get a rope!  »

You know, so we can all tie him up and marry him. The genius man-boy behind every hip-and-cool person’s favorite band Neutral Milk Hotel* is on tour, which is something he hardly ever does. Except for the animals BECAUSE HE’S AN AWESOME VEGAN. Of course he is! Look at him cuddle that chicken! I can’t wait for him to perform at our wedding when I marry him!

Because I think we should all get to marry him. I think he’ll love that because he’s not an intensely private person, or anything. You can’t escape love, Jeff. Especially when it clubs you on the head and keeps you hostage in an XL dog crate in the basement. 

So, let’s all go see him! Tickets are on pre-sale now but the password is “layover” so SEE YOU THERE.

Finally, no disrespect, but I totally think Jim Carrey could play him in his biopic. Okay, I guess that was a little disrespect.

*who isn’t Azealia Banks. Lick those gums, lady! Really get in there! Also, love when she does the fake stairs thing. Also, don’t watch this if you hate swears because SHE LOVES SWEARS. 


Stephan Nance: My new boyfriend goes on a world tour!  »

I would never leave Allen, but if I were going to be all “to the left, to the left,” it would only be for an adorably awkward ginger who loves frozen yogurt, writes songs about how people should be nicer, and reminds me of a less cynical Bo Burnham and an off-Broadway musical about coming out to your mom and hugs. Luckily for Allen, such a dude did not exist to, and he has always responded to my threats with a nonchalant “good luck out there!”

Then I stumbled onto the website of Stephan Nance. OK, I didn’t stumble—why would I make a wholehearted effort at finding a replacement for Allen?—Stephan sent us an email to promote his upcoming tour and I thought I would take this opportunity to support his efforts and also break up with Allen in a really public fashion so he wouldn’t cause a scene. Just like in Jerry Maguire.

I also thought it would be fitting to write about this now because my ex (Allen) just informed me that Wednesday is “Ginger Wednesday” on turntable and we are totally rocking out in a room full of ginger avatars on there. Also, GET OFF THE COUCH, ALLEN! YOU HAVE TO MOVE OUT! Also-also: Stephan’s stuff is on turntable! I especially like “Immunodeficiency” and “Song For Losers.” What? I do my research!

Ok, so about my new boyfriend and his career: Stephan Nance (pronounced Steven but never spelled that way, as per his website) has come up with a genre all his own that he calls “awkwardly charming vegan straight-edge queer alternative piano pop.” Since I have trouble understanding genre in the first place—never mind that there is something called “blue-eyed soul” that is an accepted thing—I am just going to take his word for it. Also, every time I hear piano pop I am all “oh yeah, totally! Tori Amos! I love her!” This seems to annoy a lot of people because apparently Tori Amos is not the only person to play a piano. Prime example: Stephan Nance also plays the piano. And he doesn’t just play the piano; apparently he plays it for a cause. I can’t wrap my head around that either. I can’t even wake up for a cause, let alone write songs and then record myself doing them for one.

From Stephan’s email:
"I’m about to embark on a tour of vegan-friendly frozen yogurt shops (and other frozen treateries and places that happen to have vegan froyo or soft-serve) in Oregon and Northern California, with later dates in Washington and B.C. In part this will be to promote my first full-length album (to be released in September), A Troubled Piece of Fruit. Since the album isn’t quite ready, I’ll be bringing along an EP of five songs, A Piece of the Piece. My larger goal is to challenge the popular interdependence of entertainment and alcohol consumption, and to encourage musicians and all-ages, alcohol-free businesses (e.g., sweet frozen treat parlors) to build relationships that will be beneficial both mutually and for the community as a whole.”

Awesome. Why are you not getting dressed for this already? Oh, right you want to know where he’s playing. OK, here you go. I even noted which fro-yo “treateries” (new boyfriend, you are adorable with your little words!) serve vegan options and which are dubious (because their websites don’t state it).Also, you would probably look pretty silly getting dressed now considering he isn’t playing until next week.

I suggest that you go to Stephan’s website and check out some of his music (which is definitely awkward and charming), and then go out and see him in concert. I also suggest that you purchase his EP and also his full-blown album when it is released. Not just because it is really good, but because as my new boyfriend he is going to have to spend some cash to impress me. In “Song For Losers” he suggests that he would like to take me to the fair and win me a teddy bear. That’s all well and good, but I also need to visit the fun house and the rollercoaster for adventurous three-year-olds. And that is $20 minimum right there. At least this kid doesn’t even have has a “like” page on Facebook.

I also need yarn, Stephan! You need to sell more CDs!

[can’t see the videos? watch them on]


If you don’t know about Soko, well, my friends, get acquainted. Not only is she the cutest Parisian-turned-Californian/actress/lo-fi indie folkster, she’s a vegan blogger! Our so-called vegan life is a collaborative effort between “two vegan musician friends, Aska & Soko, based in L.A. (vegan heaven), sharing vegan tips and insights from all over the world!”

With posts on recipes, what to eat while vegan in Paris, and New York dinners with Kate Nash and Nick Zinner, I challenge you to not spend the rest of your night alone in front of the computer, reading the entire site and listening to Soko’s complete catalog on youtube. (Please don’t let it just be me who does that kind of thing).


Nellie Mckay rules for several reasons:
She’s vegan! 
LOOK AT THAT PIT BULL IN PEARLS!!! Totally getting Hazel a strand or two.
SHE’S MOTHERFUCKING INSANE. She’s the kind of insane where you ask her what time it is and she’ll tell you, “cookie.” Love this bitch.
Good news for all of us, she’s performing tonight at the Great American Music Hall and it’s not too late to get tickets ($21!). Go support our fellow clinically deranged vegans!

Nellie Mckay rules for several reasons:

  1. She’s vegan! 
  2. LOOK AT THAT PIT BULL IN PEARLS!!! Totally getting Hazel a strand or two.
  3. SHE’S MOTHERFUCKING INSANE. She’s the kind of insane where you ask her what time it is and she’ll tell you, “cookie.” Love this bitch.

Good news for all of us, she’s performing tonight at the Great American Music Hall and it’s not too late to get tickets ($21!). Go support our fellow clinically deranged vegans!


"Darla" by Why?. This could and probably should be the anthem of Prop 2. Yoni Wolf of Why? lives in Berkeley and is vegan.

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